“Expect Liv Morgan to Return” – WWE Payback Brings the Perfect Opportunity for Former WWE Champion to Make Her Much Awaited Return

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WWE Payback is now just a sleep away, and the pro wrestling fans aren’t able to keep their calm for the upcoming event. While the match card for the PLE looks quite exciting, a long-awaited return on Saturday can make the show even more successful.

While a number of highly anticipated returns can take place at Payback, the event is probably the perfect opportunity for a former WWE Champion to make her much-awaited return. The name in this anticipation is none other than the crowd-favorite Liv Morgan.

Recently, a pro wrestling lover suggested an interesting storyline for the former Women’s Champion’s return, and it looks really fascinating. As shared on X by the WWE fan, “I expect liv Morgan to return and try to help Raquel win the title.”

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It must be noted that Raquel Rodriguez is set to challenge Rhea Ripley for the Women’s Championship on September 2 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But, The Eradicator will probably have her partner, Dominik Mysterio, at ringside, and it will work as an advantage in Rhea’s favour.

As Raquel and Liv were former tag team champions, so there’s a high possibility that Morgan can make her return to even the odds for her friend. If Rodriguez can dethrone Rhea Ripley with some help from Liv, it’ll be a really memorable moment for the former partners.

Liv Morgan injury status and WWE return timeline

While Morgan’s return at Payback can be a spectacular moment, it’s important to remember that she has been away from WWE television due to Rhea Ripley only. As Liv was scheduled to fight The Mami on the July 24 episode of RAW, the Women’s Champion viciously attacked her before the start of their encounter.

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Following this attack, it was reported that the fan-favorite star was suffering from a legitimate shoulder injury,probably need more time to recover.

On the other hand, not disclosing details about Morgan‘s injury can even be a strategy by the Triple H-led promotion to keep Liv’s return a surprise for WWE fans. It’ll be interesting to see if pro wrestling lovers will finally get to see the former champion make her highly anticipated return at Payback or not!


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