Eugenie Bouchard Breaks the Myth Around Serena Williams’ Most Dominant Trait By Disclosing the Overlooked Feature of the Same

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Who is the best server in women’s tennis? Tennis fans wouldn’t even blink before saying, ‘Serena Williams.’  The tennis legend is certainly gifted with a ‘Midas touch.’ Though Williams has evolved away from tennis post her retirement, one thing has been constant – the 23-time Grand Slam champion has dominated every field she has stepped in. However, there has been some serious revelation behind her more than 2-decades of domination on the tennis court.

On June 20th, Eugenie Bouchard joined Steve Weissman, and Andy Roddick on the Tennis Channel live podcast to discuss the Team USA Olympic Roster and who has the best serve on the Tour. When Bouchard was asked the best server she had ever faced, the tennis and pickleball player answered, Serena Williams.

She further explains why Williams is the greatest server for her. Bouchard concurs with tennis fans, as she accepts that her formidable strength has been the reason behind it. She said, “She has that power which everyone thinks of in the start, it’s an obvious one.” However, it’s not just power that contributed to Williams’ terrifying serve. She further narrates her experience of facing Williams’ serve. She added, “But it’s more than that. She disguises it really well. At times I’m there on the court, and the ball hits the back bench before I even realize that it has bounced and I was supposed to return it.”

Serena’s serve became a guessing game for her opponents. The major factor that contributed to this dominance was her unbreakable form! Whether she is serving a slow slice serve with a below 100mph speed or a powerful one with over 120 mph, her form is never disturbed. Bouchard revealed, “So the power is there, but you don’t know where it is going. She has a great turn, and she has the same toss whether she is going wide or T, That makes her power much more effective. The GOAT server of all time”

The 23-time Grand Slam champion is said to have the Once-In-A-Lifetime Serve. Her former coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, once called her the best server ever. The American tennis legend’s serve averaged around 106 mph and her fastest came during her peak in 2013. Williams blew the margins set with her 128.6 mph serve. Moreover, as she neared her retirement, her service peaked at 125.5 mph at the Australian equalling Rafael Nadal at the tournament.

However, the 23-time Grand Slam champion is no longer on tour. And search for her heir apparent is going on, the one who would step into the shoes of Serena Williams. Though her daughter Olympia is certainly seen as a successor, in contemporary times, it might be Coco Gauff who would take her crown.

Coco Gauff’s impressive serve makes her heir apparent contender as Serena searches an ‘extra oomph’ for Olympia

Coco Gauff did not win the Australian Open 2024, but her strong serve did turn heads. During the Australian Open, Gauff clocked Melbourne’s fastest serve with an impressive 124.9mph. Falling just a few short of Williams’ fastest serve! Though the 20-year-old has a long professional career ahead and is yet to reach her peak, she is the youngest American woman to win the US Open after Serena Williams. The World No.2 is in the right direction as she looks to dethrone her idol!

However, tennis fans are eager for Olympia Ohanian to take after Serena Williams. But the 23-time Grand Slam champion is finding it difficult as she struggles to be hard with ‘cute’ Olympia. However, Williams has not given up as she looks for that ‘extra oomph’ which pushed her to be the queen of the court one day.


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