Was Liv Morgan In A Relationship With Lana? All You Need To Know About Their Past

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Lana and Liv Morgan participated in a storyline on WWE RAW at the end of 2019 and start of 2020. It also featured two male Superstars, namely Bobby Lashley and Rusev, who is now performing as Miro in AEW.

It all started on the first episode of RAW after the Draft where Lana made a surprising appearance during a match involving Rusev. Bobby Lashley also appeared, and he made his affair with Lana public. Lana was Rusev’s wife then. Hence, it led to a highly personal feud between Lashley and Rusev.

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After two months of torturing Rusev, Lashley and Lana decided to get married on the final RAW episode of 2019. Much to everyone’s surprise, Liv Morgan made her much-awaited return to WWE on that episode of RAW. She stunned the WWE Universe by announcing that she had been dating Lana in the past.

Lana and Liv Morgan were revealed to be ex-lovers in the storyline, which led to fans speculating whether the two female stars were actually in a relationship in real life. However, the same is not true. Morgan is good friends with Lana in real life. Although Lana is no longer in WWE, she is often spotted hanging out with Morgan at parties and events.

Will Liv Morgan and Lana work together in WWE again?

In a recent interaction with Kenny McIntosh of Inside The Ropes, Liv Morgan was asked about the memorable storyline from 2019/20. Revealing if the storyline will resume again on WWE TV, Liv said:

“I don’t think you ever can ever say never in WWE. I think anything and everything is open to being visited again. Is that happening? I have no idea. But would I like it? For sure. But it was a very crazy experience.”

Morgan and Lana also got involved in Lashley and Rusev’s feud. Liv would team up with Rusev in mixed tag team matches against the new couple.

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