Vogue World Paris: Venus and Serena Williams Set the Ramp on Fire With a Dazzling Catwalk in Huge Surprise for Fans

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The iconic Williams sisters are back to channeling their inner fashionistas in Paris. After their dazzling presence at the Met Gala this year, Serena and Venus Williams joined the platform of fashion again to showcase their take on synthesizing it with tennis. As they take the world by storm with their iconic looks, Venus Williams showcases a perfect sisterhood moment as she reveals that working with her sister is “always the best.”

Both Serena Williams and Venus Williams were in sports-inspired dresses, taking all the limelight at the event. This year, Vogue World partnered with young athletic associations around France and collaborated with various sports with a rich history of at least 100 years. The talented Williams sisters, who represented 2000s tennis at the event, represented their brilliance again in synthesizing tennis with fashion.

The Tennis Letter took their X platform to share Serena and Venus Williams’s gorgeous clip of walking the ramp at the Paris Fashion Show. “Serena and Venus absolutely killed this catwalk at Vogue World Paris. A segment of the show was dedicated to sports throughout the decades. The 2000s was dedicated to tennis. Iconic. (via@voguemagazine)”- they wrote.

Serena Williams’s elder sister wore a customized Marine Serre gown, which was created from repurposed tennis bags. She looked absolutely gorgeous and glamorous in her black lunge neck gown, highlighted with white, mauve, red, and orange hues.

Venus’ dress featured bags’ piping and embroidery with panels that offer perfect body contouring. Her glossy nude makeup and neatly parted, sleek open hair stole the attention. However, her baby sister also mesmerized the fraternity with her look.

Serena wore the Off-White by Ib Kamara; a white, electric blue, and black fishtail high-neck full-sleeve gown. Her dress is made of two different fabrics, one is a sports jersey top, and the other is a silk skirt. The dress amalgamates Serena Williams’s previous on-court looks and Off-White codes. Her side parted with soft blonde curls with minimal diamond jewelry, and a watch showcased that the American former gold-medal tennis star was back channeling her inner diva.

Additionally, Serena and Venus Williams’ catwalks were complimented by young French women in white tennis dresses in the background, who performed with and without racquets, showing the blend of movement and tennis strokes. The show was incredible, as it looks in the clips. Both the Williams sisters shared their deepest happiness working with such talented labels. However, they ignited more happiness when they shared their fondness for working with each other.

Venus feels “so lucky” to have Serena Williams beside her in her career’s important moments

Serena Williams’s elder sister expressed great happiness working with the label she wore at the fashion show. However, she couldn’t contain her emotions to reveal how nice she felt about getting this opportunity with her baby sister in Paris. “Every time I get to work with my sister it’s always the best. I’ve been so lucky to have her by my side for the most special moments throughout my career,” said Venus Williams.

The iconic tennis duo was spotted in their glamorous avatar at the Met Gala this year and received much applause from the fraternity. Now, they have set fire on the stage with her recent killer looks in Vogue World Paris 2024. After all, who else can pull off the task of blending fashion with tennis any better than the famous Williams sisters?

Serena Williams and Venus Williams’ iconic looks from Vogue World Paris surely prove why these two are presented as the best possible epitome of both athleticism and glamor. With their attitude and sheer brilliance on the ramp walk, the Williams sisters definitely stole all the limelight.


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