Previously Champion Heavyweight Explains Jaron Ennis’s Journey to the Terence Crawford Match

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Terence Crawford will step up to 154 lbs. for the rematch with Errol Spence Jr. Crawford, 36, is expected to compete in the Super-Welterweight class for a while since he wants to become the sport’s three-time undisputed champion. That being said, how will Jaron Ennis, the reigning IBF Welterweight champion, go to “Bud”?

Former unified heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman recently spoke with FightHype about how Ennis might end up facing Terence Crawford. Jaron Ennis needs to become well-known and advocate for “Boots” vs. “Bud” in the public eye for Rahman.

Jaron Ennis stated that in order to get a fight against “Bud,” he needed to keep winning and make noise in an interview with YSM Sports Media. Hasim Rahman, the former undisputed heavyweight champion, concurs with Ennis entirely. Rahman claims that Jaron Ennis needs to win the Welterweight division before he can face Crawf0rd. Let’s just say that Jaron dominates the Welterweight class. Top guys, if Ennis defeats a few opponents in the Welterweight class. Just gives someone a rough and tumble. Everyone starts to think he’s the man at that point, Rahman added.

He also said that Jaron Ennis can go up and beat a top fighter at 154 pounds after establishing himself as the 147-pound champion. According to Rahman, Ennis will undoubtedly become “Bud” after a thrilling victory over a challenging opponent at 154 pounds. Rahman continued, “I think Jaron will fight him [Terence Crawford] once he’s there and if the public demands it.”

In addition, he stated that Jaron Ennis, having become the 147-pound champion, is capable of defeating a world-class fighter at 154 pounds. Rahman says Ennis will definitely become “Bud” following an exciting triumph over a tough 154-pound opponent. Rahman went on to say, “I think Jaron will fight him [Terence Crawford] once he’s there and if the public demands it.”

The IBF forced Terence Crawford to accept a challenge from Jaron Ennis following his fight with Errol Spence Jr. Crawford, however, was unable to compromise with “Boots” Ennis because he needed to rematch “The Truth.” Consequently, “Boots” won the IBF title that “Bud” had been deprived of. In this regard, Ennis has been making fun of Crawford in an attempt to pick a battle with “Bud.”

“I simply have to keep winning and generating noise.” Continue trampling these people. They must come see me. If you [Crawford] believe you’re the greatest in the world, come get your belt back, Ennis yelled.

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