Amidst Bryson DeChambeau’s scrutiny, Paige Spiranac’s 4-year-old “photoshopped” nightmare is leaked once more.

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The glam queen’s days are never boring! News of Paige Spiranac and Bryson Dechambeau’s partnership had been making headlines in the golf industry a while back. It appears that her name has been brought to light once more. But this time around, it’s all because of a type of resurrected horrible dream.

In 2020, the stunning American posted a tweet alerting her fans to a fraud occurring under her name on social media. That being said, four years later—and shockingly—it seems to have been used once more lately, as seen by a follower’s comment under the previous post!

Spiranac posted about receiving a “picture of a fake driver’s license” with a “photoshopped” image of the diva on top in a post on her X account. Even worse, there were rumors of someone “pretending” to be the influencer and requesting money while claiming to be using “that picture as proof.”

On January 24, just over four years later, a follower named Leonard Harrison left a remark beneath the post. It’s interesting to note that the tweet just said that the fan “keeps getting these” and included two photographs. “These” are the official Colorado driver’s license documents for Paige Spiranac Renee. After a four-year hiatus, it seems the offender is still at large and operating.

Was this the initial instance? No, not at all, considering how many times she has fallen prey to similar scams. The model once advised her admirers to confirm that the social media account they are following is actually hers on her official Twitter account. The 30-year-old previously admitted on her podcast, Playing a Round with Spiranac, that she had to report multiple accounts that were using her identity and fraudulent licenses on a daily basis. The athlete described it as “ridiculous.”

Shortly after she published the video with LIV golfer DeChambeau, the unwanted news leaked. But, she had yet another catastrophe while doing so, thanks to her internet fans!

Following the blonde beauty’s announcement of her collaboration with the 1X major champion, a fan said, “They had s*x.” Was she willing to accept it? Not at all, as the 2022 Maxim Sexiest Woman posted on X, mentioning (since removed) how “people on the internet” always respond in this manner to her posts including any male.

As previously mentioned, working with a professional golfer presents an idealized image of her growth in both the sport and social media, but there are drawbacks as well. Let’s hope Spiranac overcomes those obstacles and emerges victorious!

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