Xander Schauffele disregards Tiger Woods’ move to Florida, but finds inspiration in the “West Coast Kid” despite his advanced age.

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Tiger Woods’ unwavering nature has been his defining characteristic throughout his career. The golfer’s unwavering passion for the game has allowed him to achieve great success throughout his career. Still another aspect of the 48-year-old’s life that hasn’t altered since 1996 is his relationship with Jupiter, Florida. However, Xander Schauffele’s attention is diverted!

A long back, the 30-year-old talked about his move to Florida on a podcast. But in the process, he acknowledged that he was taking after the “West Coast kid” and brought up the fact that the Hall of Famer also lived in the same location!

The seven-time PGA Tour winner said that he “was” a “West Coast kid” growing up before moving from California to Florida in 1996 in an edition of the podcast Fore Play. Additionally, he stated that the legend had “been in Florida for a while” and then hinted at his age, saying, “Yeah, he’s pretty old.” However, the athlete was less interested in the legend’s changing states and more engrossed in his gameplay.

The professional responded by saying that he sees the 15-time major champion “all the time.” Furthermore, he described being able to “see him swinging and getting ready for tournaments” as nothing less than “cool.” Schauffele also made care to emphasize that, for a few months, he is “learning” to chip off the grain like the legend by following Mr. T’s lead.

What was the winner of the 2022 Genesis Scottish Open thinking about the location? The expert offers a quite conflicting assessment on Florida. Mountains? He feels that “that part sucks” because he is a 10-foot one. But he has nothing but compliments for the golf being played at the state. The 30-year-old remarked, “The games are incredible,” before describing how he had seen Patrick Cantlay, Rickie Fowler, Gary Woodland, and Justin Thomas on the range. It is “a pretty elite” group, as he put it!

The 82-time PGA Tour winner gave Golf Digest an explanation for moving from California to the most southern state, saying that he had always wanted to “be able to handle all different types of [grass] conditions.” He continued by recalling how he picked up the skill of putt and chipping on the Bermuda grass that was present there, adding that it took years to do the same.

The clubface’s performance is greatly influenced by the type of grass on the course. In any case, his lengthy and prosperous career serves as proof that his decision ultimately proved to be wise. Can Schauffele carry that through? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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