Charlie Woods Updates: Will He Play in January With His Father Tiger Woods After Battling for the PNC Championship?

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Charlie Woods’ golf career really took off in 2023. After a busy year, Tiger Woods’ kid was spotted breaking out of his shell and becoming a formidable junior player. Anticipations for the son of the 15-time major winner have risen sharply during a season that set new records.

Going back to his 2023 agenda, it is expected that the 14-year-old would have an equally full 2024. Why hasn’t Charlie Woods been teeing it off yet, one would wonder. Ultimately, January is almost over. This is the reason!

The golf community is curious about Charlie Woods’s next move after his final participation alongside his father at the 2023 PNC Championship. But a careful examination of his calendar for 2023 would show that the pro won’t be observed warming up in January.

For the followers of this rising talent, the best part of the New Year will probably come in March when he starts competing in the Martin Downs Tournament on the Medalist Tour. But why at this late hour?

Well, there are a lot of possible causes for it. One of them is that he may not be able to start early in January due to his academic obligations while he is still enrolled in school. Woods Junior goes at the Benjamin School. The renowned school’s annual calendar indicates that the 14-year-old has returned to studies after a protracted winter break.

At such a young age, balancing schoolwork, a life in the spotlight, and a desire to become a powerful golfer like his father are undoubtedly stressful. Still, it’s amazing to watch the child handle everything with such grace. In fact, his most recent performance revealed his actual potential to the golf world. However, why?

The world of golf was reminded of the amazing skill show of the well-known scratch player at the PNC Championship, where he was accompanied by his well-known father. Despite not being able to take home the Willie Park trophy, the pair’s lightning-fast performance in the championship round was absolutely astounding. After scoring an 11 in the last round, the father-son team tied for fifth place at 19 under par.

In the final round, Charlie added a chip-in birdie to his score. Aside from this, Notah Begay claims that the well-known pro’s son has a ball speed that is unbelievable, reaching the mid-170s with his driver. Furthermore, even as a junior golfer, Woods Jr. stood next to legendary players like Nelly Korda and John Daly since the young prodigy opted to tee off at the same 6,578-yard distance as them.

Overall, the golf world is eager to see what calculated decisions the legendary player’s son will make in the upcoming months, despite the fact that Charlie Woods will not be competing in January.

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