At the Tokyo Olympics, Jordan Chiles might bring back Simone Biles’ terrifying move that ended in the Twisties for Legend.

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In the realm of gymnastics, Simone Biles and Jordan Chiles are a dynamic pair. Jordan stepped into very big shoes at the Tokyo Olympics after Simone Biles left because of the “Twisties.” Jordan had concerns about winning the silver medal for Team Olympic and living up to her legendary status. Simone comforted her, saying, “You did such an amazing job,” in a moment of support. You two have won silver medals. It’s absurd that you received a silver medal alongside three individuals.

The iconic gymnasts have come a long way since the Olympics in Rio. They now practice together as friends and comrades at the WCC in Houston, Texas. And now, displaying remarkable development, Jordan Chiles has hinted at the return of the exact move that gave her best friend Simone Biles the “Twisties” during the Tokyo Olympics.

The Olympian Jordan Chiles reshared an update from a handle called “@Pamchenkova” in a post on X that said, “Jordan Chiles on Amanar supremacy.” In the video, which was taken at the 2018 US Gymnastics Championships, Jordan Chiles can be seen charging towards the vault, cartwheeling onto it, and then performing a spectacular straight flip that required two and a half twists before sticking the landing. Chiles is wearing a glittering purple leotard. On January 12, 2024, over six years after it was originally recorded, Jordan re-posted this amazing video and included an eye emoji to tease fans about the possibility of this skill being revived during this Olympic year.

The Amanar vault is an incredible maneuver that is so hard that it even gave Simone Biles the “Twisties” and forced her to withdraw from the Tokyo Olympics. Did you realize, though, that Simone has also hinted at the transfer before Paris 2024?

Simone Biles executed the Amanar Vault at the Olympics in Tokyo. But instead of doing the planned flip with two and a half twists, she was only able to do one and a half twists because she lost her sense of space as she was twisting, which resulted in an imperfect landing. She stopped playing the games after that, and the rest is history. “I think (coach Laurent Landi) is a little bit more stressed about (the Amanar) because of what happened,” she said in response to a question about whether she will attempt the maneuver in 2023, before to the world championships. After this, I believe we could experiment with it for fun, but I’m not positive.

However, she teased fans and posted eight training videos in December 2023, indicating that she was concentrating for Paris 2024. Additionally, she was seen in one of these films flawlessly performing the Amanar Vault, which stoked fan excitement. Simone Biles and Jordan Chiles have both sparked enthusiasm in the gymnastics community as the Olympic year gets underway. Fans eagerly anticipate witnessing the dynamic duo dominate the 2024 season.

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