What Does Tiger Woods Have in Plan After Winning the PNC Championship?

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The PGA Tour’s 2024 season is officially began! Tiger Woods is still absent from the action, though. The renowned golfer’s admirers will be eagerly anticipating his comeback to the game. Despite participating in the Hero World Challenge and PNC Championship, he’s having some difficulties recuperating from ankle surgery!

Despite only competing in one event per month, the 48-year-old is fulfilling his pledge to his followers, which is to keep them satisfied. In addition, supporters think he will play in the Genesis Invitational in February to kick off the current season. However, there’s a chance he’ll only play for his supporters in January!

When the new PopStroke miniature golf course in Tuscaloosa opens in January 2024, there’s a good chance that fans may see Tiger Woods. First, the golf course planned to open for play in the fall of 2023. However, they are now aiming for an opening in mid-January 2024 due to unanticipated delays.

PopStroke is a mini-golf entertainment firm that is jointly owned by TaylorMade Golf and Tiger Woods. Thus, it’s quite possible that supporters may see the 48-year-old when the Tuscaloosa, Alabama, course opens.

Fans should not, however, have unrealistic expectations because work is still ongoing. “Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of progress made,” PopStroke president Shane Robichaud stated. “Electricians are completing their work outside. Our tech-audience-slash-visual team is installing them. The landscapers are completing their work by laying pavers throughout the patio.

There may therefore be delays even when the work is nearing completion. Fans will undoubtedly see the renowned golfer compete at the Genesis Invitational in February, though.

At the 2023 PNC Championship, Tiger Woods played his final game in front of fans. Additionally, he’ll most likely participate in the Genesis Invitational, one of the two events he oversees. The event is scheduled to take place at the Riviera Golf Club from February 15–February 18. In 2024, it will also be his first time participating in the PGA Tour.

The 48-year-old will also be a major championship participant, a treat for the golfing community. He already has lifetime exemptions to the PGA Championship and the Masters. He has till he turns 60 to compete at The Open. However, he will probably need a special exemption to play in the US Open in 2024. Fans may witness the golf great in the meantime when he makes an appearance at the PopStroke miniature golf facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


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