Terence Crawford Celebrates Christmas With Family, Mocks Them After Winning Card Games

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Nebraska-born Terence Crawford often speaks about his love for children. ‘Bud’ together with his longtime girlfriend Alinda Person looks after their six children. While Crawford and Person are not married, they have been in a relationship since the early 2000s. Out of the six children, three are boys, Terrence Jr, T.Bud, and Tyrese, the other three are girls named, Miya, Talaya, and Trinity Michele. Crawford’s children have followed his path and are building a liking for athletics.

Like their father did in his youth, Tyrese and T. Bud have participated in school wrestling competitions. On the other hand,  Talaya went viral after winning a race despite her shoe falling off at the start. Crawford’s relationship with his children is impressive. He often posts about his family on social media. Undoubtedly, the whole family has competitiveness in their blood. Recently, Crawford posted a video of him and his family playing ‘UNO’, the card game, for Christmas. Crawford is seen mocking everyone for losing.

The video posted by Crawford features him saying, “When everybody tryna team up on you in UNO and you still win!.” Crawford proceeds to pan the camera to everyone one-by-one calling them a loser. Everyone in the family can be seen trying to talk back to Crawford. The Christmas game involved more trash-talk than Crawford’s press conferences.

Later in the video, Crawford exclaims how everyone was looking at each other’s hands and instructing each other to play a certain card. The video cuts off right after Crawford says, “Y’all are trash.”. 

It is great to see that Crawford’s family is enjoying Christmas. He has mentioned that he finds solace in his children. This is not the only endearing side of the boxer who is otherwise fierce inside the ring.

As Crawford took on Errol Spence in July, his hometown residents flocked in to show their excitement for the fight. One family from Nebraska showed their special appreciation for the fighter. Lisa Hord says there’s a side to ‘Bud’ that not a lot of people know about. “When he’s talking to you, you’re the most important person in the room.”.

According to Hord, Crawford got to know her daughter Shirley in 2020, not long after learning that she had Stage 4 melanoma that had spread to her brain. He even gave her a boxing glove that was autographed. According to Hord, Shirley has been cancer-free since 2022 following radiation therapy. Later, She described Crawford’s reaction to hearing the news. “Several months later, I ran into him, and he asked how my daughter was doing,” Hord recalled. “Bud, she doesn’t have cancer.” He exclaimed, “I told you!” as he leaped off the back of his friend’s truck.

Crawford is one of those fighters who is also known for his kindheartedness and love for his family. During this festive season, he decided to go all out on them in a game other than boxing.

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