Venus and Serena Williams’ Memorabilia Elicits ‘Family Forever’ Response From Alexis Ohanian as Business Takes a Temporary Backseat

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Making people crazy around the world, Venus and Serena Williams have a fan in their house. It’s none other than the 23-time Grand Slam Champion’s businessman husband, Alexis Ohanian. While he has always openly appreciated the iconic sisters’ work and dedication to reach where they are today, his recent social media update truly shed light on his admiration for the sisters! As someone who is into collecting women’s sports cards, he recently pulled a fan move that is sure to leave fellow card collectors jealous!

Venus and Serena Williams’ rookie card finds a place in the Ohanian household 

The 40-year-old American entrepreneur never misses an opportunity to invest in trading the sports cards he has collected over time. Apart from having a larger collection, he sometimes also uses them for business purposes. But recently, he highlighted how one truly special card will forever be a part of the family.

Ohanian took to ‘X’ to give a memorabilia elicit response while keeping business aside and prioritizing family. He wrote, “I cannot believe I got a GEM MT 10 on this SI Kids card of S & V. Huge. The @altxyzofficial facilitated the whole armored car pickup of my collection and everything. This one is going to stay in the family forever.” 

Along with that, he also shared a picture of the card, in which both the sisters look adorable. It was a Serena collection card featuring the iconic duo from the year 2000. In addition, the Reddit co-founder also made it clear that he would keep this card in the family forever while not including it in business.

As someone who has been a regular at collecting sports cards, he has always found little moments of joy to celebrate. Nevertheless, just a few months ago, he also discovered a grand way to celebrate his wife’s legacy with the help of her rookie cards.

Williams’ husband found a way to celebrate his wife’s legacy 

Earlier this year, the 40-year-old American entrepreneur took to his Instagram account to share a little insight on what his childhood collection of things looked like. While there were a lot of different things, including some classic comics such as Wolverine Reunion and X-Force, there were also some timeless souvenirs.

Interestingly, Ohanian also collected cards of various athletes, including that of his wife, Serena Williams. Diving into his treasure of memories, he caption it: “Thanks for not throwing these out, mom and dad!” As a child, not only did he love reading Marvel Comics, but from a very young age, he was into collecting his wife’s cards, building a collection of her tennis legacy.


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