Jon Rahm Ditches Call of Duty as Tiger Woods’s ‘Pandemic Bestfriend’ Takes the Back Seat in LIV Golfer’s Life

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It seems Call of Duty has found its way to golf again, this time with Jon Rahm! However, it’s not another video game this time around. The Spaniard had earlier surprised many in the golfing community when he jumped to the Saudi-backed League. And the golfer’s habit of shocking others did not take a damper as he went ahead to rope the famous First Person Shooter into the fray.

But now, as he waits to start off his journey in February, the golfer seems to have a lot of time on his hands. However, it appears he does not want to spend the period ahead of the upcoming LIV Golf events playing the game, as the pro opened up about the same, calling COD a waste of time!

There is a reason why the professional was able to claim his spot in the 3rd spot of the OWGR. With the amount of skill that he has showcased on the greens, the Spanish athlete must have trained hard during his off-time, even turning a blind eye to the video game.

In an episode of the podcast, GOLF’s Subpar, the pro went ahead to mention how he has “not been playing” Call of Duty owing to the many responsibilities he has. Adding on, the 29-year-old pointed out how he prioritizes being a parent and a golfer ahead of the FPS title.

Continuing with the same, the 2X major champ disclosed how he “sends everybody a text” at 9 p.m. to play the game, which, apparently for them, is “an early time.” Moreover, the 11X PGA Tour winner expressed his displeasure at “wasting three hours of his night playing the video game” to end up performing “badly” in the same. However, the pro confessed how he’d rather “use that time to spend with his wife” or prepare his kids for the next day or gear up for a tournament.

Well, it appears the soldier retired to become a family man. But Jon Rahm turning away from COD might turn out to be nothing short of a shock for his fellow athletes on the PGAT, which he jumped from, especially Tiger Woods!

Tiger Woods’s love for Call of Duty

Even Woods became an avid fan of the video game during the pandemic. However, we went back to the same during his long break owing to the accident, falling more in love with the famous franchise. What’s more, he was even spotted wearing a COD hoodie on course at Pebble Beach instead of his Nike apparel not too long ago.

On the contrary, should you believe that this concludes the admiration for COD in the world of golf, you are mistaken! Min Woo Lee had, a while back, revealed his plans to spend his time playing the game on his Instagram handle. Moreover, the golfer had uploaded a picture of his red PlayStation 4 controller, all the while expressing his desire to play the FPS title. Well, many, including the legend, were not able to resist their love for the game, it seems!

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