“Looks More Dangerous”: Terence Crawford Training in Recent Clip Draws Speculations From Fans Regarding Potential Errol Spence Jr. Rematch

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Terence Crawford, the formidable WBA/WBC/WBO welterweight champion, is back in the gym, gearing up for what could be a career-defining rematch against Errol Spence Jr. The buzz around the boxing world suggests that Crawford is eyeing a showdown at 147 pounds, a weight advantage that might tip the scales in his favor. The catch, however, lies in the uncertainty of the fight date, as Showtime’s decision to cease broadcasting boxing events after this year adds a layer of unpredictability.

Amidst the brewing excitement, Crawford’s fans remain divided on Spence’s challenges. Some dismiss Spence as a weight bully, attributing much of his success to a size advantage over opponents. Observers marveled at Crawford’s training videos. Other eagle-eyed fans highlighted the priceless nature of Crawford’s commitment, adding a layer of mystique to his preparation.

The buzz is real, fueled not only by Crawford’s strategic moves but also by the intriguing observations of fans closely watching his training videos. One fan expressed amazement at the apparent contradiction in Crawford’s training approach, noting, “It’s still crazy to me watching most of Bud’s training videos over the years being from an orthodox stance, but on fight night, he looks more dangerous as a southpaw.” The comment is in reference to Crawford’s brilliant ability to switch stances on fight night with ease, going from orthodox to southpaw.

“‘I told him what I was going to do, as I was doing what I told him what I was going to do’. Priceless,” stated another fan, quoting Crawford himself, capturing the essence of Crawford’s confidence.

One fan weighed in, highlighting Crawford’s immediate goal. “He’s preparing for Spence; he clearly said that’s his next fight before he fights anybody else,” said a follower, emphasizing Crawford’s dedication to the upcoming rematch.

The fan love continued as another fan chimed in, declaring, “Made me a believer.” Crawford’s ability to inspire belief among fans speaks to the impact of his performances and the anticipation around his next bout.

However, not all sentiments were positive, with a fan saying, “They rly wanna see their boi Bud get hurt by Canelo.” This is based on a belief that Bud, after his rematch with Spence Jr. may move up in weight just to face Canelo Alvarez, an idea many boxing enthusiasts have predicted against.

The comment section reflects the inherent drama and contrasting emotions that surround the world of boxing, where fans’ loyalties and aspirations differ.

Earlier in November, Terence Crawford definitively named Errol Spence Jr. as his upcoming opponent, igniting the enthusiasm of his devoted fans. Hailing Crawford’s strategic brilliance, he brings Spence down to 147 pounds, potentially giving him a crucial advantage in their eagerly awaited rematch. The stakes extend beyond the Spence showdown to Crawford’s ambitious pursuit of facing the pound-for-pound king, Canelo Alvarez.

Adding a twist to the narrative, Crawford strategically sidesteps the newly crowned IBF welterweight champion, Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis. This move indicates Crawford opting for opponents that align with his quest for triumph and recognition while avoiding potential complications arising from weight-related concerns.

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