John Daly II Makes an Honest Request While Still Waiting For Tiger Woods’s Nod For a Old Plea

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The 2023 PNC Championship is just around the corner, and all eyes are set on the upcoming star-studded field. The field will witness a lot of young stars display their golf passion with experienced players. It would sure be a magical tournament. Two prodigies who everyone is eager to see are Charlie Woods and John Daly II, and rightfully so after the 2021 PNC showdown!

At the 2021 PNC Championship, Team Daly won by two strokes, and that close win left everyone, including Daly Jr., hooked. After that sensational showdown, everyone wanted to see more of Team Daly and Team Woods together, and just now, Daly Jr. reiterated his wish, almost after 1.5 years!

The 20-year-old sat down with Bo Mattingly for his podcast, The Hog Pod. The two talked about many things, and one of the things they discussed was what it would be like for the Daly duo to pair up with Tiger Woods and Charlie Woods to play in the same group. Answering the question, Daly Jr. said that they have not been paired with Woods’s team yet. He shared that there have been nuisances when he and his father have played behind the 5x Masters winner’s and his son’s group, but not really with them in the same group.

Talking about how he would like to play with the power-packed father-son duo, Long John’s son said, “No, we have not been paired with them. I think we’ve played and fought for like longer before I won’t group behind, but we’ve never played with them. (Host: Would that be fun?) That I think it’d be fun. That’d be awesome.”

Daly II made his feelings about wanting to play with Charlie Woods, and Tiger Woods very clear. He expressed very politely that it would indeed be very fun and amazing to play with them in the same group. Who knows, maybe Daly Jr.’s wish could get accomplished this year at the 2023 PNC Championship, and the golf world could witness two budding stars become friends with each other!

After talking about wanting to play with them in the same group, the 20-year-old prodigy also talked about how good of a golfer Charlie Woods is for his age. He validated his competition and called Woods Jr.’s swing “perfect.” The young star talked about how Charlie Woods can be great in the future because he has a lot of potential.

Notably, this is not the first time that the 20-year-old has expressed his desire to play with the golf legend. Jr. Daly’s plea came forward last year as well when made a humble request to the 82x PGA Tour winner.

After the conclusion of the 2021 PNC Championship and Woods’s team’s close defeat, the golf world was shocked yet enthralled. It was a close match that year, and it enticed the fans to see more of the Daly’s and Woods’s.  Almost 1.5 years ago, in 2022, Golf Digest posted a hypothetical scenario of the match that everyone in golf wants to see. It posted a picture of Team Woods and Team Daly and wrote in the caption, “The match we all want to see.”

John Daly II didn’t hesitate to express his feelings by commenting on the post, where he humbly requested the 15x major champion to make this happen. He commented, “Plz tiger make this happen🙏🏻🙏🏻.”


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