Following Green Bay Packers’ Recent Loss, Terence Crawford Pens “Disappointed” Message

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Football and boxing – Not exactly peanut butter and jelly! However, it never bothered Terence Crawford. The former undisputed champion has been a long-time Packers fan, something Crawford’s X followers are well aware of, not to mention his love for football. So, after the Green Bay Packers suffered a loss at the hands of the New York Giants recently, ‘Bud’ had to say something.

On Monday night, The Green Bay Packers witnessed their three-game winning streak evaporate into thin air. Win for The New York Giants can be credited to Randy Bullock’s 37-yard field goal, giving them a 24-22 victory. So, Terence, who has been a long-time fan of the Packers, turned to X, sharing his thoughts on the disappointing loss.

After the match concluded on Monday, Terence Crawford wrote, “I’m disappointed in my packers tonight.” What’s more, this isn’t the first time Crawford has become frustrated with the performance of the Packers. Back on 10 September 2018, ‘Hunter’ expressed his frustration with a tweet on X by writing, “Smh Green Bay pissing me off.”

Crawford last entered the ring against Errol Spence Jr. at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, winning the fight via technical knockout in the ninth round of the fight. However, they are going to run it back as Spence activated their rematch clause. Despite the upcoming clash, Terence Crawford found time to exhibit his skills beyond the boxing ring.

Back in September this year, a clip of Crawford on the football field surfaced online. The undefeated champion proved to be a talented football quarterback. The match was a no-contact version of what is basically football that is played in the NFL. While playing, someone passed the ball to Crawford, and he did something that impressed everyone.

As Crawford found himself with the ball, a defender started chasing him. Crawford dodged and backpedaled, but in the end, as a last resort, he threw a Hail Mary pass to the end zone. Fortunately for Crawford, the ball was caught for a touchdown. Upon scoring the goal, Crawford turned to the camera and asked, “Did you get that?”


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