‘Would Have 30 Slams’- Serena Williams’ Childhood Coach Makes Sense of the Misses in an Illustrious Career (EXCLUSIVE)

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Throughout her time as a professional player, Serena Williams was a true inspiration for both rising players and her fans. After winning numerous WTA titles and 23 grand slams to her name, the American queen finally hung up her boots after her elimination from the US Open back in 2022. Despite having a mouth-watering 23 slam, her childhood coach believes that she could have won more.

In an exclusive interview, Rick Macci, the childhood coach of Serena Williams, came ahead and listed the obstacles that prevented her from laying her hand on more grand slams. From early childhood to injuries, he talks about multiple things that were possible roadblocks for her.

In a special ES Fancast exclusive interview, Rick Macci talks about Serena Williams’ incredible career. He suggested that Williams didn’t play many junior tournaments from the age of 10 to 16, but burst into the scene at 16. However, she did not get the start that she wanted and suffered an early loss in the qualifying stages. But that didn’t stop her as she learned from losses and soared to win the US Open at just 17.

He also suggested that certain players hang up their boots at just 25 or maybe 28, but Serena Williams, even in her late 30s, was going strong and defeated the second-ranked player at her last US Open back in 2022. Macci’s observation was clear. Had it not been for her breaks, injuries, and personal milestones like motherhood, Serena’s potential was limitless. He then went ahead to add that she could have won an astonishing 30 Grand Slams.

“So remember she has been out there since 17 and the reason that I bring this up is you are talking about people that retire at 25, 28 and you know she is still out there and she knocks out number 2 in the world at the US Open. Here’s what’s crazy, in my opinion, she would have 30 grand slams. Obviously, she had a child and had injuries and she did not play some of the grand slams okay,” said Rick Macci in the exclusive interview.

Thus, Serena Williams, who ended her career with 23 grand slams to her name, had the potential to do more, as per her childhood coach. If not for injuries and stuff, she would have gone ahead and made a record that was almost impossible for anyone to beat.

Going ahead in the interview, Rick Macci also came ahead and listed another reason that would have helped Serena Williams win even more grand slams.

Serena Williams, along with her sister Venus Williams holds a record that is out of reach for anyone in the sport. The two hold a 14-0 record in the finals of the Grand Slam, which is legendary. Rick Macci, in the interview, emphasized that and suggested that if they had played more in the mixed doubles, who knows what they would have done?

However, he later went ahead to add that they primarily focused on the singles and with nothing to prove, played their best game on the tour and won glory, despite major obstacles. He also applauded the efforts made by both the sisters, despite missing out often due to injuries and stuff.

Thus, Serena Williams, who took the world by storm during her time as a professional athlete, could have won more grand slams. However, that could not come to life, as certain roadblocks prevented her.

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