“Floyd Mayweather Check Ran Out”: Andre Berto’s Comeback at Age 40 Branded as “Unnecessary” by Fans in Scathing Response

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In a rather surprising turn of events, former world champions Andre Berto and Robert ‘The Ghost’ Guerrero are slated to face off in a ten-round battle on December 16th. This bout comes eleven years after their initial meeting in November 2012, where Guerrero emerged victorious with a unanimous decision. Interestingly, in the first bout, Guerrero managed to drop Berto twice showcasing his southpaw prowess.

Despite Berto enduring punishment and finishing the fight with closed eyes, he aims to overturn the result in what will be Showtime’s final event. Approaching 40, both fighters’ strategies for the rematch remain uncertain. Will they go all out, mirroring Tyson vs. Jones Jr., or adopt a more conservative approach akin to Canelo vs. Golovkin’s trilogy?

December 16 is set to be a date to look out for, for boxing fans as David Morell Jr. and knockout artist Sena Agbeko will step in the ring for a face-off. The two will be headlining the SHOWTIME event that features many spectacular match-ups. According to Micheal Benson, Andre Berto and Robert Guerrero are going to fight in the undercard.

The boxing reporter took to Twitter to make the announcement. He wrote, “Announced: Robert Guerrero, 40, will face Andre Berto, 40, in a welterweight rematch on the undercard of David Morrell vs Sena Agbeko, Dec 16th. Guerrero won their first fight by unanimous decision in November 2012.” So what do the fans have to say about the two veterans returning to the ring?

As the news of the return surfaced fans quickly shared their reactions about the upcoming match-up. One fan sarcastically remarked,  “That Floyd Mayweather check ran out huh guys.” The fan hinted that the rematch may just be for the monetary gain.

Another fan hinted that the rematch is coming a bit too late. The fan wrote, “That’s a rematch 10 years to late LOL. Not a bad card on Showtime next week. Morrell, Martinez & Colbert to finish off on the last Showtime card.”

Meanwhile. a fan pointed out that their last fight was a “pretty fun fight.” Thus the fan is anticipating another good fight as they clash once again. The fan added, “Sure both guys are past it but neither ever showed from action. And Guerrero is one of my all time favorites so I’ll tune in.”

A fan compared their rematch with Mayweather’s return to the ring against Conor McGregor. The fan wrote, “Damn. When Mayweather was 40, he was fighting Conor McGregor in the 2nd-most watched PPV ever for a $300 million+ paycheck…”

Another fan expressed his surprise at hearing the age of the fighters. The fan remarked, “Didn’t realize both those guys were 40. I feel old now.”

However, one fan called it “the most unnecessary match up that no one asked for, needs or even expected.” The fan added, “You might as well have Tyson fight Holyfield again.”


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