“Grossest Money Grab Ever”: Jetblue Passenger, Who Got Punched by Mike Tyson, Branded as a “Pathetic Human” for $450,000 Lawsuit Against the Boxing Legend

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There might be countless ways of earning money, but it seems the shortest cut is to get beat up by Mike Tyson. Tyson has been known for his short temper and impulsive actions. However, through the years, he has brought them into control. The legend leads a relatively more peaceful life now and keeps away from controversy. But as it seems, controversy cannot keep away from him.

Mike Tyson finds himself in a pickle again after a passenger in a JetBlue fight whom he pummelled after continuous and incessant provoking, has now filed a lawsuit seeking a sum of $450,000 from the former heavyweight champion.

Mike Tyson to suffer a huge financial loss again?

A legal representative for the passenger, Melvin Townsend has issued a pre-litigation settlement demand to Tyson’s legal team, alleging injuries and damages resulting from a purported ‘vicious assault’ by Tyson during a flight from San Francisco to Florida in April 2022. The letter contends that Townsend, a North Carolina resident, was a fervent fan eagerly seeking conversation with the 57-year-old boxing legend. The incident, captured by a fellow passenger and widely circulated on the internet, forms the basis of Townsend’s claim.
Rich Ohrnberger, a sports news satirist, shared the news on his X account, expressing his frustration. He also added the video, which documented the entire ruckus. In the video, we can see the passenger trying to provoke Tyson to action while acting goofy as his friend records the entire scenario.
In the next cut, we see an agitated ‘Iron’ Mike throwing solid punches at the passenger while another tries to stop him, but to no avail. The passenger ended up with cuts and bruises on his face and lost all the enthusiasm he showed at the start of the video.
Ohrnberger, disgusted with such tactics, wrote, “This is the grossest money grab ever. The look at the camera prior to talking … pointing to the “proof” of injury… this guy set a $450K trap and Tyson walked right into it. Pathetic human.” It was evident to him that the passenger was well aware of how the situation would unfold if he kept at his shenanigans. Tyson was unable to control his fury and walked right into his trap.

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