“You Are Too Rich My Guy”: Fans Have a Field Day as Floyd Mayweather Gives a Glimpse of His “King Cave”

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Floyd Mayweather, the undefeated boxing champion, has become synonymous with a lifestyle that exudes luxury. From his flashy car collection to his extravagant mansions, Mayweather’s wealth is on full display. One of the most notable aspects of Mayweather’s lavish lifestyle is his penchant for high-end cars. His garage boasts an impressive collection of luxury vehicles, including rare and custom-made cars that showcase his extravagant taste. However, recently the boxing legend showed off something else. He took to Instagram to show off his version of the ‘man cave’ to the world.

In the video, the boxing legend showed off the impressive place. In the caption, he wrote, “It’s one thing to have a “Man Cave” but it’s another to have a King Cave! Step into my domain where the Jumbotrons flashing movies & sports, the indoor pool stays heated all winter long. Not to mention the competition is heavy in the arcade from air hockey, to basketball to foosball or just some old school mrs Pac-Man. Of course a King Cave isn’t complete without a wine cellar, filled with @lebonargent and an open bar serving nothing but the finest @goodmoneywhiskey.” However, it appears that the fans were not really impressed by his ‘King Cave’.

The glimpse into Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s so-called “King Cave” has sparked a wave of reactions among fans, and they’re not holding back. One fan humorously pointed out, “Man, that’s not no ‘Man-cave.’ That’s a 3-bedroom house. My garage is a Man cave, 840 square feet.” It seems Mayweather’s opulent space may have surpassed the typical concept of a man cave.

Others chimed in with comparisons, noting, “I’ve seen even better setups in smaller houses. You got mad bread, champ; use your imagination. It looks like an old folks’ Chinese restaurant in there.” The critique suggested that despite Mayweather’s wealth, fans expected a more creatively curated space.

The commentary extended to Mayweather’s fashion choices, with one fan questioning, “What’s the story with that stupid-looking hat always on his head?” This comment is in line with the recent incident where Mayweather found himself targeted by a lot of fans for his dressing sense.

Moreover, in a light-hearted jab, a fan humorously remarked, “Floyd, this is not even a man cave; this is a house atp, you’re too rich, my guy.” However, one fan came in support of the boxing legend. The fan stated, “TBE aint nobody doin it like that.”

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