Hours After Family Reuniun, Simone Biles’ Brother Ends Up In The Hospital

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It’s the holiday season and Simone Biles has returned to her beloved ones. An added celebratory bling was courtesy of Simone’s elder brother Ron Biles and his wife Sammi Biles’ daughter Ronni Biles celebrating her first birthday. Taking the celebrations to social media the glimpse of family reunion coloured the room happy until now.

Just hours after the birthday handouts, Baby Biles’s father Ron was taken to the hospital. From a recent update, a clear picture of the whereabouts and support came to notice.
Back when Biles was busy earning five medals at Worlds this year, a trail of upsetting health updates marred the Biles family. And after celebrating Ronni’s birthday on the 25th, today Sammi shared an Instagram story of Ron lying on the hospital bed. She captioned it, “LYSM” with a joining hands emoji.
Previously, Ron was hospitalized for a crucial surgery in the early days of this year. His body suffers from avascular necrosis, which weakens some parts of his femur bone. His left hip needed to be replaced entirely, while his right hip required extensive damage and substantial surgery. While Ron is no stranger to a nagging hip problem; he had already had a hip replacement.

In her earlier post, Sammi also highlighted the difficulties of life, admitting that things haven’t gone her way. She poignantly discussed her difficulties becoming pregnant through IVF, emphasizing how exhausting these procedures can be. However, the Biles family continues to come out of difficulties with much strength and celebrate the greater joys in life.

Baby Biles’s first birthday highlight

What’s better than a birthday party? An after-party for the adults which followed the birthday of the adorable Baby Biles. After the wrap, Sammi shared the party details in a gratitude-filled post where she thanked everyone for helping to make the celebration a success.

She acknowledged Blue Mixer Bakery for the gorgeous birthday cake and cupcakes, She Can Bake for the adorable cookies, and Simone for the delectable buffet.

The grandparents were also on the duty to graciously welcome the visitors. Baby Biles arrived shortly before the joyous month of Christmas and quickly made space in everyone’s heart while becoming her aunt TT’s favorite!

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