“It’s Very Difficult”: Mike Tyson Reveals Success Mantra for 20-Year-Old Kids Dreaming to Become Champion at WBC Convention

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Mike Tyson, with his experience of not just boxing but also turbulent life experiences, does not hesitate to share his learnings. The 61st Annual WBC Convention kicked off with a bang on Sunday night, setting the stage in the captivating and unconventional setting of Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Despite the distance from the familiar Western Hemisphere, the welcome cocktail that marked the unofficial start of the event was nothing short of a bustling affair.

The venue was teeming with familiar faces, a lively mix of personalities from both Mexico and the United States, turning the gathering into a vibrant tapestry of boxing enthusiasts and professionals. Tyson also graced the convention along with the likes of legends such as Evander Holyfield and others. In a press conference, he reached out to young boxers, offering them his recipe for success.
Mike Tyson’s journey is a riveting tale of highs and lows in the world of boxing. Rising from a turbulent Brooklyn upbringing, Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion in history at just 20. Despite financial and personal setbacks, Tyson’s resilience and later-life reinvention continue to captivate audiences worldwide. All these years of struggle have also helped Tyson gather priceless wisdom.
“First of all, you can prepare somebody for success but you can’t prepare somebody to handle that success.” While many can help one pave the path that leads to the top, barely anyone can tell how to continue there and not let success and money take control over you.
“It’s very difficult. It’s very rare to listen to somebody else advice. Life is the greatest teacher, that’s what I would say.” Information and knowledge are not the same things. One can gather information from many wise men but it converts into knowledge only when life starts testing you in your pursuit of becoming a renewed version of yourself.
Tyson has shared his thoughts on Francis Ngannou’s entry into the WBC heavyweight rankings, a move that stirred controversy. Having trained Ngannou for the showdown against Tyson Fury, Mike Tyson, a former champion, deemed the ranking “too low” during the WBC convention. Tyson praised Ngannou’s performance against Fury, stating that the Cameroonian-Frenchman deserved a higher rank than 10. “He did a great job. Number 10 is too low!” said Tyson. Expressing his belief in Ngannou’s abilities, Tyson conveyed that the ranking failed to capture the true essence of Ngannou’s potential, emphasizing the need for recognition based on his commendable efforts in the ring.

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