“That’s Going to Be a Little Trouble”: Terence Crawford’s Trainer Makes Honest Pick Between Shakur Stevenson, Devin Haney, and Gervonta Davis

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Which is the best matchup in the Lightweight division? It’s a question almost the entire boxing world knows the answer to! Shakur StevensonDevin Haney, and Gervonta Davis – the top three fighters in or around the same division are often pitted against each other. When would they face each other? Who would win if they did? These are the questions that have kept boxing fans awake at night. While there are no known talks of these fighters facing each other, Bomac has taken his pic for the best among the three.

It’s worth noting that Shakur ‘Sugar’ Stevenson is about to face Edwin Le Dos Santos for the vacant WBC Lightweight title. Previously, ‘Sugar’ was supposed to face Devin ‘The Dream’ Haney for the same title, but things took a sour turn when Haney offered an unfair purse split to Shakur. Meanwhile, the Newark native has shown optimism about the fight with Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis some time in the future. So, until these pugilists eventually meet in the ring, Bomac, Terence Crawford’s trainer, picks his favorite among them.
While talking to Fight Hype, Bomac claimed Shakur would best De Los Santos in their upcoming fight. “[Shakur] he is just gonna be too sharp for [De Los Santos] him,” said Bomac. When probed about a fight between Shakur and Haney, Bomac confidently revealed that it would be a close fight, but Shakur would win. “I think Shakur will edge it out,” said the trainer.

Later in the interview, the reporter questioned Bomac about Shakur’s fate against ‘Tank’ Davis. Crawford’s trainer responded by claiming it would be a bit challenging for Shakur. But Bomac thinks Shakur thrives in challenging situations, so he would do what is needed to win. “That’s going to be a little trouble for him…Shakur is one of those fighters that love challenges…he will do everything he needs…to get that,” said Bomac.

Former professional boxer Antonio Tarver is one of the biggest fans of ‘Sugar’ Stevenson and ‘Tank’ Davis. According to an interview with Betway, Traver would love to see a fight between them, suggesting the winner would be an instant legend. It’s worth mentioning that ‘Sugar’ has shown interest in the fight, but no such comments have come from Davis.

Tarver thinks Shakur and Davis would remain after everyone is defeated. He went on to suggest that it would be too soon for the duo to face each other now, but when they do fight, it will be legendary. Tarver also added, “The winner will become an instant legend and the GOAT.”





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