21 Years After Their Last Battle, Serena Williams Re-Unites With Old Foe in a Delightful Night That Celebrates Latin Music

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Post her retirement, the tennis legend Serena Williams is definitely living her best life. With a storied career that lasted for nearly three decades, Serena had made quite a few rivals on the WTA Tour. Although she has successfully ‘evolved’ from the sport, she keeps getting confronted by her yesteryear rivals. After meeting her archrival, Maria Sharapova at the 2021 Met Gala, she had the chance to revisit another iconic rivalry.

Williams appeared at the highly anticipated music show led by superstars like Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, and Pitbull. It is there that Williams got the chance to meet her old rival Anna Kournikova after a total of  21 years. Kournikova last played against Williams back in 2002, before beating her in a charity match as well. Now, seeing the two legends together was indeed a sweet surprise for fans.

In a remarkable twist of fate, Williams found herself on a stage that showcased her musical prowess. She was alongside her former on-court rival, Anna Kournikova. This created waves of excitement among fans who never thought they’d see these titans together again. Amidst the beats of Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, and Pitbull, the reunion of Serena and Anna became the night’s showstopper.

Serena, known for her tennis prowess, and Anna, having gracefully transitioned from the court to a life as a mother of three with pop sensation Enrique Iglesias, have had several memorable on-court battles. For fans, seeing them on the same stage is a nostalgic delight.The fact that both Serena and Anna have retired from the sports arena levels the playing field.

This makes this encounter even more special. No longer adversaries on the court, but rather kindred spirits in the shared experience of life after the game.


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