“Leave the Big Man Alone”: Demetrius Andrade’s Coach Warns Terence Crawford About Moving Up Weight Divisions to Fight Canelo Alvarez

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Terrence Crawford has expressed interest in facing the Mexican warrior, considering a potential clash with Canelo. As the reigning undisputed Welterweight champion, Crawford is currently strategizing his upcoming fights and is open to negotiating a weight agreement for a showdown against Canelo. However, Demetrius Andrade‘s coach, Andre Rozier has some advice for ‘Bud’.

Rozier, an esteemed American boxing trainer based in New York, is widely acknowledged as one of the premier coaches in the boxing world. Renowned for his adept guidance from the corner, Rozier provides clear and succinct instructions, enabling his fighters to make crucial adjustments during pivotal moments in the ring. In an interview with Fight Hub TV, Andre first clarifies that he absolutely supports Crawford, however, he does not quite think that his plan of moving up weight classes is in his best interest.

He asked him to focus more on Welterweight and super welterweight division and not worry about the rest. “I love TC, I love him to death. TC needs to take care of 47 and 54. Dont’ worry about 60 and 68. Leave it alone. Leave the big man alone. Weight classes do count. The only place they don’t count is in BKB and in the streets. They count here. Do not, I repeat do not consider unless you just wanna make that fight, Canelo, It’s not gonna be good” While emphasizing the effect weight classes have on the performance of a fighter, he suggests Crawford to not get into the ring with Alvarez unless it is just for the bag.
Reflecting on the prospect of facing Crawford, the Mexican had deemed the timing unsuitable. Crawford, the undefeated welterweight champion at 40-0, previously critiqued Charlo’s approach in Las Vegas. Despite Charlo expressing eagerness for a bout with Crawford, the American champion indicates he is “over” his compatriot. The undisputed super-middleweight champion has been urged to take on Crawford in his next match.
However, in a post-fight press conference on Saturday, he asserted, “If the fight makes sense, go ahead,” hinting at a strategic and calculated approach to potential future matchups. “But right now, the fight with Terence Crawford, it doesn’t make sense. I just won, let me enjoy this.” said Alvarez.

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