“That’s a Reason a Fight Can’t Be Made”: Ahead of Exiting Sport, Showtime President Gives an Update on Highly Anticipated Rematch Between Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr

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Errol Spence Jr., the former unified Welterweight champion, has activated his rematch clause to fight Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford once again. The boxing community eagerly anticipates the rematch, set to occur in the junior Middleweight division at 154 pounds. Specific details about the fight, including the date and location, have not been revealed yet. The first encounter between Crawford and Spence for the undisputed Welterweight title took place in July in Las Vegas after years of anticipation.

Not soon after confirming their exit from boxing, an interview with Sports Showtime president Stephen Espinoza reveals details about the rematch between Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr. There’s more to the sport than meets the eye. He recently shed light on an intriguing aspect of the sport.

Weight classes have long been a defining factor in determining which fighters face off in the ring. In a conversation with Espinoza, he stressed the importance of not using weight as a convenient excuse to avoid specific opponents. Moreover, there are legitimate cases where a significant weight difference makes a match unrealistic. It’s essential to ensure fairness and transparency in this aspect of the sport. “ I mean there are some other parameters that I don’t want to get into, but weight shouldn’t be– if there’s a legitimate difference one guy is legitimately going to 154 and one guy is legitimately staying at 47 then you know that’s a reason a fight can’t be made.”

The dialogue between fighters, promoters, and organizations is crucial in these situations. If two fighters genuinely cannot agree on the weight, that can indeed be a deal-breaker. However, it should not become an excuse for cherry-picking opponents based on personal preferences. That being said, due to Showtime’s exit from boxing, there is still a larger issue at hand, for not only this match but all other future matches.

As these negotiations remain ongoing, Espinoza has previously indicated that the fight dates have been postponed to the next year. This is attributed to ongoing discussions and time constraints. The weight at which fighters decide to compete stands as one of the few scenarios where a bout might not come to fruition. However, Espinoza predicts that a rematch will probably be scheduled for 2024.

However, the exit has made things more uncertain now than ever before. According to the Sports Business Journal, after captivating boxing enthusiasts for 37 years, Showtime is now scaling back its offerings. The brand will bid farewell to the boxing scene by the end of 2023. This surprising announcement was made by Paramount, which has opted to streamline its services and completely part ways with Showtime Sports.

Behind the scenes, discussions, negotiations, and the pursuit of fairness play a vital role in determining who faces off in that squared circle. Stephen Espinoza’s perspective reminds us that in this dynamic world of boxing, maintaining integrity and fairness is key. With the exit set in motion, everything is up for grabs. The PBC is in talks to form an exclusive partnership, allowing their top fighters to appear on pay-per-view events. Negotiations with Amazon Prime and DAZN are ongoing, with DAZN being the preferred choice after Showtime’s exit from boxing. Boxers like Terence Crawford, Ryan Garcia, and even Oscar De la Hoya, are advocating for collective action to transform the sport. Thus focusing on marketing, new audiences, and global expansion.

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