Anthony Joshua warned not to go ‘anywhere near’ Tyson Fury by iconic Brit heavyweight champ who fears brutal ‘lesson’

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The duo, 33 and 35 respectively, have twice been on the the brink of a historic domestic dust-up but have yet to share the ring with one another.

British boxing fans are still itching to see the pair duke it out before they call time on their careers, although the same, seemingly, can’t be said for former heavyweight champ Frank Bruno.

The former WBC titleholder told The Gypsy King: “I don’t think Joshua should go anywhere near you.

“Because you’ll teach him a lesson you know, a boxing lesson.”

Fan favourite Fury is well aware of the global interest in a fight with AJ but has zero interest in facing his fellow Brit.

He told The Daily Mail: “I don’t really care what he says. He’s a bum in my opinion.

“He’s just one big bum-dosser that has been knocked out three times.

“He’s been knocked out twice and had three losses.

“He can’t even compare in my league any more.

“It’s not even a fight I am thinking about any more.

“I’m not even interested. That bubble has been burst.

“His virginity has been taken away so it’s not interesting for me any more.

“He’s been spanked by Usyk twice and been beaten by a fat man.

“So it’s not in my interest to beat him.”

Current WBC king Fury is gearing up for a controversial crossover clash with former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia next month.

And he insists the boxing novice poses more of a threat to him than former unified champ AJ, saying: “I am fighting a guy who is in his prime, who is a champion.

“Who is bigger than him, who is stronger than him and who is a bigger knockout puncher than him.

“He needs to get to the back of the queue. That fight is gone, it’s dead.

“That fight was off the cards as soon as he got beaten.”


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