WWE Raw Results: Winners And Grades As Vince McMahon Era Ends

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WWE Raw marked the end of a couple of eras.

First, tonight’s Raw is the end of the annual pre-football era. Monday night marked the return of Monday Night Football with a star-studded premiere featuring Aaron Rodgers and the new-look New York Jets vs. perennial contender Buffalo Bills. After a bounce back year for Raw ratings, Raw’s viewership will need to hold on for dear life.

Raw also marks the final broadcast under the Vince McMahon era as we know it. WWE’s merger with Endeavor is expected to finalize tomorrow, giving way to a new era where WWE and UFC will exist under the same umbrella as TKO Group Holdings. McMahon will still oversee WWE as its Chairman.

Earlier this year, Endeavor acquired WWE as part of a blockbuster $21 billion deal.

Matt Riddle knows something about working with both WWE and UFC, and the troubled Raw star once again finds himself mired in controversy. Riddle was reportedly pulled from tonight’s Raw after an incident at the JFK airport where the former United States and tag team champion claimed he was sexually assaulted by a Port Authority police officer. His absence, however, is said to be related to illness. Riddle’s claim triggered an investigation, and Riddle—who recently returned to WWE following a stint in rehab—will likely be off WWE television for the time being.

The Raw main event saw the return of Nia Jax, who helped Rhea Ripley retain the WWE Women’s World Championship. Jax also attacked Ripley for good measure.

Last week’s broadcast of Raw garnered 1.7 million viewers.

WWE Raw Results on September 11, 2023

  • The Judgment Day def. Jey Uso and Kevin Owens
  • The Miz def. Akira Tozawa
  • Drew McIntyre def. Xavier Woods
  • Shayna Baszler def. Chelsea Green
  • Alpha Academy and Tommaso Ciampa def. IMPERIUM
  • Rhea Ripley def. Raquel Rodriguez

The Judgment Day Def. Jey Uso And Kevin Owens

Jey Uso has new theme music, where he sings the lyrics, but it’s very similar to the Usos’ old theme music.

Main Event Jey received a hero’s welcome with fans waving their hands up and down, vibing to his music and entrance. LA Knight is the hottest star in the business right now, but Main Event Jey is the People’s Champion.

Dominik Mysterio was booed out of Norfolk, and when he gave the mic back to Damian Priest, they finally settled down.

In the latest version of “Can they co-exist,” Kevin Owens and Jey Uso teamed together in a (long) match against the Judgment Day. They did not, in fact, co-exist as Jey accidentally super kicked Owens, leading to a loss.

Judgment Day vs. Jey Uso and Kevin Owens Grade: B

The Miz Def. Akira Tozawa

Staunch LA Knight supporter Wade Barrett described Miz as being in the throes of a manic episode.

This was the rare Miz squash match, with Miz commanding all of the offense, including three Skull Crushing Finales.

GUNTHER IC Championship Celebration

IMPERIUM all had black suits, with GUNTHER going for the Men in Black look. GUNTHER received a podium and pyro as well.

Chad Gable received a loud pop when he interrupted GUNTHER. Hopefully WWE can make a new star in Chad Gable by having him dethrone GUNTHER, unlike how AEW returned to the status quo when Jon Moxley beat Orange Cassidy.

The segment ended with Chad Gable vowing to have his daughter leave with a smile on her face, only for IMPERIUM to maul Gable. Thankfully, Otis made the save. Surprisingly, Tommaso Ciampa evened the odds.

GUNTHER IC Title Celebration Grade: A

Drew McIntyre def. Xavier Woods

This was a soft launch of Drew McIntyre’s heel turn, though he did work the match as a babyface.

Drew McIntyre’s chop game is underappreciated. He had a series of loud chops on poor Woods.

After McIntyre’s inevitable win, Heel Drew milked the celebration by waiting extra long before the referee raised his hand.

McIntyre vs. Woods Grade: B+

Cody Rhodes Appears Live

Cody Rhodes opened his promo by saying he was going to talk about Main Event Jey Uso, only to be interrupted by Dominik Mysterio.

Mysterio was accompanied by Judgment Day member (?) JD McDonagh.

Even though this was the second time Dominik Mysterio appeared on WWE TV, fans maintained the same energy as the first segment while booing him to smitheens.

Nobody was happier to see Dominik Mysterio take Cross Rhodes than Michael Cole.

Cody Rhodes Segment Grade: B

Shayna Baszler Def. Chelsea Green

This was exactly what you thought it would be based on Shayna Baszler’s dominant character and Chelsea Green’s chicken heel character. Baszler ran through Chelsea Green.

Baszler’s new finisher is called the “Exterminatus,” (the Piper’s Pit) which is an ode to Ronda Rousey.

Zoey Stark came to Baszler’s aid, and that tag team just makes sense.

Shayna Baszler vs. Chelsea Green Grade: C

Seth Rollins Calls Out Shinsuke Nakamura

Seth Rollins said he used to not know whom he was. Now, he argues—while wearing a Randy Savage Halloween costume—he gets to be himself.

As Rollins waited for Nakamura, Shinsuke attacked Ricochet backstage.

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