Former Opponent Teofimo Lopez Predicts Vasyl Lomachenko’s Fate Against Gervonta Davis

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Can Gervonta Davis beat the Ukrainian boxing legend Vasyl Lomachenko? Who better to answer this question better than someone who has firsthand experience in successfully achieving this endeavor? And who might that be? You don’t have to guess. It’s the WBO super lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez!

Lopez and Lomachenko, the two elites in the lightweight division, went toe-to-toe back in October 2020. After a hard-fought twelve-round slugfest, Lopez emerged victorious via a unanimous decision to win the WBA and WBO straps. So, as talks of a potential fight between Davis and Lomachenko are swirling around, Teofimo Lopez was the obvious choice for Fight Hype to get the predictions.

Teofimo Lopez thinks Vasyl Lomachenko has slowed down

Speaking to ‘The Takeover’, the reporter’s first question was whether ‘Loma’ has slowed down since Lopez defeated him. It didn’t take long for the Brooklyn native to respond, “Yes, Lomachenko has slowed down since I last fought him”. But hey, even Lopez couldn’t help but give props to the right-handed southpaw, highlighting his achievements in the sport—in such a short time.

Turning to Davis, Lopez had an interesting idea as to why Davis has decided to face the Ukrainian now of all times. “Tank and his team are going after that because they follow the Mayweather route. The route is to get them when you’re winning—you’re going to win the fight. So, I’m going to follow the script on that and I believe Tank will win”, Lopez mused.

However, the route to victory won’t be an easy one! Speaking further about his own experience dealing with the Ukrainian, Lopez said, “He’s not easy, man. The mental toughness on there, [Davis will] never face [anybody like Loma] whether in sparing or whatnot,” which Lopez believes Davis will realize once he gets in the ring with Loma.

But that’s just Teofimo Lopez, who managed to defeat Lomachenko. But what about others who have never stepped opposite the Ukrainian?

Raymond Muratalla reveals how Lomachenko could beat Gervonta Davis

Undefeated lightweight contender Raymond Muratalla is out to make a name for himself in the division. And just might be able to do so in his upcoming skirmish against Tevin Farmer on July 13. But before that, he spoke to Boxing Scene about Lomachenko’s chances of beating Davis when the two fight each other.

First of all, Muratalla holds Davis in high regard, going as far as naming him the best lightweight in the world. As for his predictions, Muratalla said, “Tank and Loma’s fight will be a good one, and I think if Loma can box throughout the fight, he can do something. But all in all, I believe Tank will win. I think his power will be too much for Lomachenko in later rounds of the fight.”

With that said, people haven’t completely counted out Vasyl Lomachenko, but the prevailing opinion seems to side with Gervonta Davis winning the fight in the later rounds. But the beauty of boxing is, no one can really foresee what would happen when boxers step into the ring.

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