“We Do a Good Job”: Simone Biles and Husband Jonathan Owens Handles Backlash From Sports Community With Pride

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Jonathan Owens has finally responded to all the hate he was getting for calling himself ‘the catch’. Happily married to US gymnastics queen Simone Biles, the NFL star, in an interview last year mentioned that he was ‘the catch’ in their relationship. While this statement was made in light humor, as previously revealed by Owens, the online world interpreted it otherwise. A barrage of criticisms followed, even accusing Jonathan Owens of having male ego. Now finally, Owens has spoken up about how he got through it all.

In an exclusive interview with US Weekly, the former Packers safety addresses the situation. Owens stated that he was not aware of the whole scrutiny as all his social media notifications are on mute. But it did reach him and he tried to stay off of it as much as possible because he knows “people are going to talk about you anyway,” no matter your reaction. The thought is shared by Biles as well, which helps them keep the worries at bay.

 “Our biggest thing is, we know that those people don’t know us from a can of paint, I can’t base how I feel off how another person thinks I’m supposed to be. … Everyone has a voice, but we do a good job of tuning it out. But sometimes you have to express yourself and let people know, like, ‘You’re in the wrong.’”

The newly signed Chicago Bears star then pointed out that as long as him and Biles stayed strong, there was no breaking them. For the uninitiated, back in 2023, Owens got candid about how he got introduced to the 7X Olympic medalist on the Pivot Podcast. While narrating the scenario, the NFL athlete stated that he initially did not know who Biles was. It was Biles who first messaged him on a dating app. He reasons his unawareness, stating that he hadn’t caught up on the Olympics or gymnastics as regularly and was packed with football camp and practices.

Therein, when asked if he considered himself the ‘catch,’ he said, I always say that the men are the catch.” Well, even though the spectators are lashing out, the comment doesn’t seem to have bothered the ratio between Biles and Owens a bit.

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens stay unwavered

Jonathan Owens and Simone Biles’ love for each other is very well known. Earlier in 2024, Biles and Owens had a romantic escape to the serene islands of Hawaii. Throughout their stay, Owens kept complimenting his wife whenever Biles would post a picture on social media. Recently, to amplify his love for his wife, Jonathan Owens flaunted a ‘S’ tattoo on his ring finger. Elated by the gesture, Simone Biles shared the picture of the tattoo on her Instagram story and captioned it with a couple of heart emojis and cross fingers.

And while Jonathan Owens is busy training for his newly signed team, he will still be in Paris, cheering for his wife. Biles, in a recent statement, confirmed that the Bears have allotted Owens a couple of days of leave to watch his wife create magic in Paris. Thus, putting aside what the trolls are saying, Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens’ love story seems to only be getting stronger with each passing day.


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