Watch: Jeweler Shares Jaw-Dropping Insights About “Sickest Chains Ever Made” for Gervonta Davis

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Old habits die hard! Before Gervonta Davis was even signed to Mayweather Promotions, Floyd Mayweather was giving him the taste of an opulent lifestyle. “Before I even, you know signed anything on paper he already bought me cars, he bought me jewelry and things….living in life riding on boats and things like that,” Davis had told Vlad TV a few years ago. Although both are at loggerheads right now after ‘Tank’ left Mayweather promotions, he still mirrors his old mentor’s flair for the finer things in life.

Davis grew up in the Sandtown-Winchester community of West Baltimore, one of the most poverty-ridden places in Baltimore. So, we shouldn’t begrudge him about his choice of expensive buys, which he only dreamt of as a child, as he enjoys the fruits of his labor now. Jewelry is one thing Davis is passionate about. Remember, when Davis sported a staggering $2 million diamond necklace following the financial success of the Garcia fight that happened last year? Or, the diamond-studded cross that he wore before the Frank Martin fight? Safe to say, put some diamond on a necklace, and Davis is sold.

In league with the elite boxers of this generation, he is hands down one of the sport’s highest earners. With money to blow, he can afford the finest bling on the market. Davis’ association with the luxury accessory powerhouse Jewelry Unlimited is a well-known fact. On that note, one of Davis’ prized possessions, designed by the company is exquisite, to say the least. In a YouTube video posted to their channel, Davis’ jeweler could be seen giving insights into one of  30-0 boxer’s lavish purchases: a diamond-encrusted skull necklace. And it was truly a work of art! He began the unveiling of the chain with the remark, “Right here, I got one of the sickest chains ever made.”

Starting with the pendant which was skull-shaped, the jeweler said, “We got two eight-carat diamonds for the eyes, 4-carat GIA certified Pink (for the nose), All the stones GIA. And, you got 40-pointers in the mouth,” emphasizing the fact that the finely-cut diamonds were certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Then further describing the chain which also had a series of tiny skulls embedded in itWafi, from Jewelry Limited, commented, “Necklace, 25-pointer eyes. 20-pointer nose.” But that wasn’t all.

Skulls on Gervonta Davis’ record and his necklace!

“What’s really cool about this is the necklace… connects directly to the pendant,” he added. Not only that, the pendant serves a multifunctional purpose, as a belt can be threaded through it. Voila! a diamond-studded belt buckle. “That’s not all. We created these custom-made nails that screws into… allows a belt to be worn through it. This whole piece turns into a belt buckle,” he said.

But, it ain’t over! The necklace also had “custom-made loops” that allowed it to be turned into a wallet chain. All the aforementioned accessories go into a big skull-shaped case with ‘GTD’ (Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis) engraved on the inside.

A necklace befitting a champion indeed! With more big paychecks around the corner, the undefeated boxer will surely add to his collection. His comeback after a fourteen-month-long layoff against Frank Martin was a blockbuster event. The knockout artist added yet another skull to his list of vanquished opponents with his eighth-round KO victory.

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