TGL Critics Left Biting the Dust as Tiger Woods to Use $500M Deal For Women’s Golf Breakthrough

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TGL has been subjected to many controversies even before its commencement. It has gone through long delays and more importantly harsh accusations by being compared to LIV Golf. The reputation that Tiger Woods’s TGL is receiving is not quite desired. However, TMRW Sports has taken yet another shocking decision that has called for the whole community’s immediate attention.

Woods and Rory McIlroy-backed league TTMRW Sports has joined hands with the investment firm, Dynasty Equity Partners. According to Bloomberg, they have valued the brand a whopping $500 million despite witnessing the uncertainty that fans have regarding it before its debut. They have further hinted at the possibility of women’s inclusion in the upcoming golf league. They said, “A push into women’s golf is among options being considered, people with knowledge of the matter said.” So, the investment received will not be used to make any improvements in TGL but to venture into the other aspects of the game.

Following this, the co-founder of Dynasty Equity Partners, K. Don Cornwell announced, “Our goal has always been to partner with world-class management teams in sports that have a big following.” Moreover, he has also added their vision towards expanding the fandom. He thus declared, “TMRW is taking intellectual property and applying it in such a way that’s going to not only get existing fans excited, but bring new fans under the tent. And, since accessibility and bringing diversity into sport is among our priorities, it’s a great fit.” 

As of now, the TGL has six teams signed up which is already creating distinct team visuals and identity. Moreover, TMRW Sports is also possibly looking forward to having potential sports-betting partners. But all of their plans are heavily tinged with some general skepticism. Let us explore the popular uncertainties that might block a smooth acceptance of the league among fans.

Why is the fandom concerned over the TGL?

TGL was founded back in August 2022, however, the league’s debut has been delayed by a year because of its roof getting collapsed. This worried fans immensely as they speculated that there must have been some other troubles as well that were not enabling the tech-forward team golf league to kick start. However, Tiger Woods had different opinions. He said, “I think we can take advantage of the time delay,” Woods further reflected, “I think that we can do it right, and I think all the parties that are involved really feel that this is going to be the best thing for it.”

However, there is a bigger concern that has been gnawing the fans. It is TGL’s uniqueness that hints at a similarity with LIV Golf, as in the team format! Unlike the traditional golf tournaments, TGL will be hosted on weeknights as it is in conjunction with the PGA Tour. According to Golf Digest, “Each player will hit just a dozen shots per match, and with only three players from each club, it certainly opens the door to the possibility that the marquee names aren’t always guaranteed to play. The result is a format that can come off as contrived, and as the litany of past golf exhibitions have proved, there is little appetite for contrived matches.”


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