Fans Left Jaw-Dropped as Gervonta Davis Remains the Last One Standing From PBC’s Legacy

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Not every boxer has what it takes to overcome every adversity on their path to glory. Most fall quickly, others show great courage, but a few make it to the top. Over the years, Gervonta Davis has proven to be exactly that as he celebrated yet another victory, this time over Frank Martin in Las Vegas. And no one’s happier about it than his coach Calvin Ford!

So, the Baltimore boxing coach turned to social media today to share a picture featuring PBC greats from 2018, including Errol Spence JrAdrien BronerJermall CharloJermell Charlo, and, of course, the man of the hour Gervonta Davis. And the last one on the far right was veteran boxer, Zab Judah. Most of the champions in the image were undefeated at the time except for Adrien Broner. However, things are very different today. This seems to have left fans reminiscing about the good old days, as they quickly highlighted Davis as the last man standing today!

Even though Gervonta Davis remains undefeated with each of his fights, getting him closer and closer to legendary status, the same can not be said about the rest of the folks in the picture. Spence Jr. hasn’t appeared in the ring since his devastating defeat at the hands of Terence Crawford. Broner’s attempt to make a comeback started well but quickly fell apart after his very recent embarrassing loss to Blair Cobbs.

Jermell Charlo seems to have fallen off since he lost his last fight against Canelo Alvarez in 2023. Yes, Jermall still has his zero intact, but his mental health issues and retirement talks suggest fans might not see him many more times in the ring again. So, that leaves Davis literally the last man standing. It is important to note that all the boxers in the image except for Adrien Broner and Zab Judah were the early signees under Al Haymon’s PBC. Touted as the next big stars in boxing, PBC promoted their fights with much pomp. However, just like PBC, their initial promise didn’t materialize into the boxing greats they were touted to be. That is everyone except Gervonta Davis.

Having said that, when fans discovered this picture posted by coach Calvin Ford on Instagram, this is what they said!

Calvin Ford – Trainer of the Year, for Gervonta Davis?

Coach Calvin Ford might have trained Davis to perfection, but he couldn’t do that for Broner and didn’t get the chance with Spence, even though he was happy to do it. Regardless, this fan hoped Ford would get the ‘Trainer of the Year’ award for his work with Davis. A user wrote, “You deserve coach of the year”. In 2023, the award went to Brian “BoMac” McIntyre for his work with Terence Crawford. Perhaps, if Davis beats Vasyl Lomachenko this year, Ford could get the honor.

The next user thought the picture was oozing power, as the user asked, “Do you know how powerful this picture is”? That picture does have a lot of champions in it, actually, all of them are.

Someone else highlighted how Davis was the only one in the picture who is still ruling over the sport. “It’s crazy how Tank is the last one Standing … damn”, wrote the user. Perhaps that’s the reason he is seen as the new face of boxing.

Another user reminisced about the days when these were the boxers on top of the food chain. “Good Ole Days & They All Still Tight As Hell Love This”, the user remarked. In fact, Broner even trained beside Davis for his recent Cobbs fight.

One eagle-eyed user pointed out ‘Tank’ is the only one in this picture who isn’t smiling, and is the only one undefeated. “Tank only one ain’t smiling only one ain’t loss DAMN,” the user wrote.

Things haven’t been going well for most of the boxers in the image, so perhaps this blast from the past would help them feel better or do better. As for Gervonta Davis, there is much left for that man to achieve.

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