“Can’t Wait”: Simone Biles’ Husband, Jonathan Owens Celebrates As She Makes Debut On Netflix

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The first trailer for Simone Biles‘ Netflix documentary is out. The four-part docuseries will showcase the gymnast’s journey from struggle to redemption as she prepares for Paris Olympics. As always her husband, Jonathan Owens, who had a special tribute for Biles at the US Championships recently, was excited for her and once again showed his support.

The documentary titled Simone Biles Rising, was first announced on May 15, and since then the anticipation has been building. The docuseries which will release on July 17, will give fans a detailed and closer look into Biles’ journey back to the Olympics after a hiatus following her “twisties” in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

As soon as Netflix dropped the trailer, Owens took to his Instagram to share the news, captioning his story “Can’t wait for the world to see ” While the trailer focuses on what went through her mind during that difficult time, it also showcases a few moments with Owens and how he acted as a support system for her.

She’s bounced back, and she’s really opened my eyes,” Owens says in the trailer, with Biles adding on camera: “I knew it would be a long journey, but to me, it wasn’t done.” In the trailer, Biles also mentions how she knew something could go wrong at the Tokyo Olympics, even before she stepped up to perform.

She says, “I’ve always had really good intuition about things, and unfortunately I felt that way about the Olympics.” All eyes were on Biles during the 2020 Summer Games as she hoped to add to her four Olympic gold medals, but she was forced to pull out of the final event after experiencing a case of “twisties.” Her withdrawal shocked fans and fellow athletes alike, but she stood firm on her decision. Despite stepping back, Biles used her downtime to the best of her advantage.

She decided to focus on her mental health, spending her time with her family, and preparing for an upcoming tour with Team USA. Her then-boyfriend, Jonathan Owens, was her pillar through this difficult time, and supported her by helping her focus on what matters the most: herself.

When Biles made her return to gymnastics with the Core Hydration Classic, Owens who could not be present with her in person, was eager to know how she did. “I just told her to call me whenever she gets a moment. So I didn’t get to really FaceTime her until around 11, but she was excited,” he told the ESPN at the time, adding that how they “stayed up until about 3 in the morning just on the phone, just talking and reliving the moment.” He added, “I know if felt like a dream to her so I was super excited for her.”

Owens has been a constant source of support for Biles and even showed up on Day 1 of the US Gymnastics Championships in May. He was joined by Biles’ sister Adria, and her friends Kayla Simone and Rachel Roettger, who cheered on the gymnast, while wearing a custom Biles T-shirt, which had a collage of her pictures and the words “SIMONE” written above them.

Biles is on her redemption arc, highlighted by back-to-back victories at the Core Hydration Classic and the US Championships. With Paris in sight, she looks to banish the memories of Tokyo, which even had her contemplating retirement at one point.

Simone Biles said she would have quit if “it weren’t for my people”

Simone Biles made headlines when she announced that she would be stepping away from several events at the Summer Games to focus on her mental health. While her fans rallied to support her decision, many were still unsure of what went down. This docuseries promises to offer fans a closer look into Biles’s life during and post this trying time.

The trailer starts with Biles narration and paired with a few snippets of Simone’s captivating displays, the next scene focuses on Biles’ first encounter outside the floor. “So, having these mental blocks in the gym recently.” She is seen crying in several poignant moments throughout the trailer, and also briefly mentions wanting to quit on several occasions. She says, “I wanted to quit like 500,000 times, and I would have if it weren’t for my people.”

The docuseries will bring to light several such personal moments from Simone Biles’ incredible journey on July 17 in four 45-minute episodes.


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