“Wanted to Quit Like 500,000”: Simone Biles Sobs in Latest Netflix Series Premier

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What qualities does the world’s best gymnast need to possess? It’s more than just athletic ability for Gymnast extraordinaire Simone Biles. Her path has been characterized by rigorous training, self-denial, and a never-ending struggle with mental health. The 37 Olympic and World Championship medallist is up against her hardest test to date.

“Simone Biles Rising,” a new Netflix series that aims to reveal the inner turmoil and physical struggles she faced, is highly anticipated by fans. On July 17, the much-awaited documentary will be accessible on Netflix. Offering viewers a close-up view of Biles’s journey, the series premieres in time for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. The four 45-minute episodes of the series look to be a detailed look at one of the greatest individuals in sports of all time.
The documentary looks to be engaging in the process from her challenges during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to her preparations for a historic return.

The first scene of the June 19 series trailer features Biles thinking back on her vision regarding the Tokyo Olympics. Biles says, “I’ve always had really good intuition about things, and unfortunately, I felt that way about the Olympics.” Her withdrawal from several events owing to mental health issues—most notably the “twisties,” which are perilous disorientations in midair—made this feeling come true.

However, viewers are treated to suspense peeks of Biles’s secrets in Netflix’s promotional video. The unfiltered feelings she experienced are shown in the short clip. In the teaser, Biles acknowledges, “I wanted to quit like 500,000 times, and I would have if it weren’t for my people.” This claim reveals the extreme strain and difficulties she encountered. The documentary chronicles her battle with mental obstacles and includes candid footage of her sobbing. It goes into detail about her trauma reaction and the tremendous amount of work it takes to get beyond these challenges.

Additionally, a key component of Simone’s journey is her network of support. Her partner, NFL athlete Jonathan Owens, and family are featured in the documentary. Owens highlights the inner strength Biles discovered from her loved ones, saying, “She’s bounced back, and she’s really opened my eyes.” Even the best athletes require solid backing, as presented by the series’ characterization of her balancing act between her personal and professional goals.

Simone Biles aims for “another Olympic run”

Biles is followed throughout the documentary as she gets ready for “another Olympic run.” She has a desire to come back stronger than ever, even in the face of extreme pressure. “I knew it would be a long journey, but to me, it wasn’t done,” Biles states, her eyes gleaming with passion. Asserting her will to regain her standing in gymnastics, Biles says, “Sometimes you have to take that power back.” Furthermore, audiences witness Biles accompanying Owens on a tour of a newly constructed home and cheering him on during football games. These incidents show the human aspect of an athlete who is frequently viewed as unbeatable. The series also features glimpses into their 2023 marriage, which gives her career story an extra personal touch.

Biles says of herself, “Gymnastics is what I do, but it’s not who I am.” The documentary highlights this sentiment as a major subject while showcasing her multifaceted existence. “I’m going for another Olympic run,” says Biles as she gets ready for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. Interestingly, Biles will be one of the 16 female competitors in the 2024 Olympic Team Trials, which will take place in Minneapolis from June 27 to June 30, according to USA Gymnastics.  “I get to write my own ending,” the 27-year-old concluded, making it clear that she aims to be the writer of her story. Thus, only a few days before the Paris Olympics, “Simone Biles Rising” will be released. Timely announcements of her next shows will have more meaning when spectators get to see her trip firsthand.


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