Ryan Garcia Roped In to Oust Devin Haney From Gervonta Davis Rat Race as Shakur Stevenson Named Frontrunner

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While Gervonta Davis is soaring the skies after a bombastic, back flipping, jaw breaking performance against Frank Martin last weekend, Devin Haney is in the trenches recovering from his loss against Ryan Garcia in April. Safe to say, ‘The Dream’ isn’t dreaming about crossing paths with Davis, since ‘Tank’ defeated Garcia. But that didn’t stop sports TV personality Stephen A. Smith from ousting Haney from the Davis rat race!

So, who does Smith think is the front runner for ‘Tank’ Davis after his win off late? Brace for impact! It’s the one and only Shakur Stevenson! For the longest time, Stevenson has been at it, trying to convince ‘Tank’ to accept the challenge, but the Baltimore native refused it time and time again. Yet Smith feels Stevenson would be the right choice.

Stephen A. Smith brands Devin Haney a bad punch taker

Speaking in his Stephen A. Smith show, the TV anchor started by lauding Davis for his latest win—he went as far as to say, “I’m looking at it—Gervonta Davis is the number one box office attraction”. Having said that, Smith quickly turned his attention to Davis’ next putting, and Stevenson was right there on top of Smith’s list.

Who I want to see him against next is Shakur Stevenson”, Smith said! In the same breadth, the TV presenter turned his attention to Devin Haney, suggesting he was the last person Smith would want to see against Davis. Why? Well, Smith said, “Devin Haney has proven to me that he’s not a good punch taker. So, my thing is if you’re Gervonta Davis, you catch Devin Haney, oh my Lord, oh my God… you know!”

Elaborating further, Smith claimed Haney might have survived three knockdowns against Ryan Garcia earlier this year, but that ain’t happening if Haney entered the ring against Gervonta Davis, who puts boxers on the canvas with one shot. However, there’s one more man, who Gervonta Davis himself wants to fight!

Smith thinks Vasyl Lomachenko doesn’t have the power to beat Gervonta Davis

Bob Arum, Vasyl Lomachenko’s promoter, has revealed the talks for a fight between Davis and the Ukrainian is ongoing, as they eye a fight later this year. This comes after Davis expressed interest in facing ‘Loma’ on social media, following Lomachenko’s destructive win over Australia’s George Kambosos Jr. earlier this year. Even Lomachenko has agreed for the bout after he recovers from the Kambosos onslaught.

Regardless, Smith doesn’t believe ‘Loma’ has much of a chance against the Baltimore native! During the Stephen A. Smith show, he said, “Lomachenko is a brilliant, brilliant boxer, but he’s so small. I’m not comfortable seeing Lomachenko against Gervonta Davis because my attitude is nobody has a shot against Gervonta Davis if you can’t punch with power”. Smith acknowledged the Kambosos fight, but remained confident Davis would prove too much for ‘Loma’.

Having said that, Devin Haney has been officially separated from the herd of elites in the lightweight division. If he wants to get back up there, he needs to take another big fight and prove the Ryan Garcia loss was freaks of nature. But that seems unlikely.

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