‘She Misses Tennis’- Serena Williams’ Longing for the Sport Aptly Detailed by Ex-WTA Rival Despite Her Business Woman Stint

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Serena Williams left tennis behind years ago, but it’s almost impossible With her own ventures and business stints coming up, her life has changed, as tennis is no longer her profession. But recently, her ex-rival, Alexandra Stevenson, made a bold admission about the 23-time Grand Slam champion’s true feelings after making a major shift from tennis.

On SERVING ACES: Conversations with Alexandra Stevenson, the 43-year-old talked about Williams’s longing for her first love. Stevenson said, “She’s got her ventures, she got her makeup, she has a kid and then she had another kid. So it’s busy. And so you don’t think she’s like panicking.”

The ex-pro then mentions an article she read about Williams and her life after tennis, discussing, “And reading about this was interesting, because even though she has all this stuff, and all these companies, she really misses tennis. And so that part of her that misses the practice and the training and everything that was relatable to every professional tennis player that stops playing, because it’s like a piece of you that’s been there forever.

Following her elimination at the U.S. Open in the round of 32 in 2022, Williams declared her retirement. In addition, Williams announced that she will be “evolving away from tennis” following an incredible career that included 73 singles titles and over $94 million in lifetime prize money.

In an effort to relive the glory days, perhaps, Serena Williams has a new documentary, In the Arena: Serena Williams, premiering on July 10 on ESPN+.

Interestingly earlier this year, the 42-year-old tennis player gave rise to rumors that she might be thinking about getting back into the game. Pundits and fans alike are anxiously awaiting any new information and statements about her possible return, which may add a new chapter to her already extraordinary career.

The 42-year-old tennis player has aroused rumors that she would play tennis again just nine months after giving birth to her second child. The tennis legend recently posted something on the social media site X that has followers wondering if it’s a hint at a potential comeback. Williams wrote, “I’m ready to hit some balls again,” sparking interest and anticipation among tennis fans all around the world.

Williams’s decision to return to the court would be yet another incredible turn in her storied career and would demonstrate her tenacity and love for the game. Williams has been rather busy since her retirement. She welcomed her second daughter with her husband, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, most recently.

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