‘Champions Can Be Jerks’- Statutory Warning Issued Over Roger Federer and Serena Williams’ Upcoming Documentaries by Ex-WTA Pro

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Serena Williams and Roger Federer know how to entertain both on and off the court! With their highly anticipated docuseries, the pair will immerse the audience in the exhilarating memories of their dominant tennis era. However, as Williams’ In the Arena: Serena Williams and the Swiss’ “Federer: Twelve Final Days,” release dates draw closer, comparisons between the duo’s journey in tennis become even more inevitable. Apart from fans and experts, the former WTA player, Alexandra Stevenson, also reflected on the subject, revealing her curiosity about the possible reaction that the docuseries might draw from the audience.

On June 17, Serving Aces released its latest episode titled, “Dr. Federer and Welcome to the Grass.” Along with the co-host, Hugues Laverdiere, Alexandra Stevenson discussed Roger Federer’s doctorate graduation ceremony at Dartmouth University, among many other topics. During the mid-segment, the 43-year-old former player engaged in a conversation about the upcoming documentaries in the tennis world.

Admitting that she has not seen any of the documentaries yet, Stevenson said, “It’ll be interesting to see the differences and the similarities from two champions. And who do you feel for, Who do you have empathy for.” Explaining her reasons, Stevenson, who lost the one match she ever played against Williams in Indian Wells in 2000, added, “Because sometimes, champions can be jerks, and you’re like, I have no empathy for you.

She further explained that she will enjoy witnessing how the audience will decide who seems more “human” to them and whose “humble” nature grabs more attention. “I think we should discuss that we should watch both documentaries. And then definitely where we go with that,” Stevenson concluded her statement.

As both films are going to release within a span of a few weeks, debates regarding who is better will continue. However, Williams once jokingly said, “He’s not better than me. I got 23 (slams), he’s got 20,” during a mixed doubles match against Federer. Although both have set their own records in tennis and made history in the game, the former World No. 1s are nothing but an inspiration to all.

On one hand, in Federer’s documentary (set to release on June 20th on Prime Video), the last twelve days of his career leading up to his final match in the Laver Cup of 2022. On the other hand, Serena Williams’ eight-part documentary (which will be released on ESPN+ on July 10), will showcase some of the behind-the-scenes challenges and triumphs of her career. And both are excited to offer a glimpse of their personal journey in tennis and reveal their insights at a recent event.

Roger Federer and Serena Williams share their candid thoughts on their upcoming documentaries

The two former Wimbledon Champions recently graced the red carpet at the Big Apple event to promote their respective documentaries and it further excited the fans! The screenings at the iconic Tribeca Film Festival added a new layer of anticipation for everyone. Both shared their honest reflections about their film during the event. According to Federer, “An athlete’s journey is emotional, as we know, but I think also seeing the beautiful friendships we create, the bonds, and then through the rivalry, it’s unbreakable … I think that’s the beauty of this film as well.”

However, Serena Williams said, “In my position and growing up as a teenager and 14, I kind of had to be guarded to just kind of stay sane, and just being in so much press, do everything I was doing. It was a grind. It’s really cool to see a … true side of what happens behind the scenes. ” As Roger Federer and Serena Williams’ legacy in tennis continues, fans are thrilled to observe their favorite athletes once again, this time not on-court, but on screen!


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