Serena Williams’ Enticing Admission on Maria Sharapova and Their Lop-Sided Rivalry Will Keep You Excited For Her Docuseries

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The 2024 season is set to be all about cherishing new tennis champions and remembering the careers of the ones who left. Millions of fans across the globe are eagerly anticipating a flashback of Serena Williams‘ legendary career as a docuseries is about to roll out soon enough. While there were other tennis legends closely aligned with her dominant runs, the WTA legend recently mentioned the unfolding of a mystery in her series.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, tennis legend Serena Williams was exposed to a question about her rivalry with Maria Sharapova. Instead of repeating the whole answer, the legend pointed at her upcoming docuseries, “In the Arena: Serena Williams.”

During the interview, Williams was asked about how Sharapova’s early victories changed into a long trail of defeats. “Did you just decide, This person is never beating me again?” the reporter asked. Serena remembered that she had given a detailed explanation of this lead in her upcoming docuseries. Assuming that the reporter might already know if he has witnessed the series, she said, “Oh, man, you didn’t see it? I think that’s Episode 3.”

The interviewer, admitting they had only seen the first two episodes, expressed curiosity about the rest. Serena urged them to watch more, saying that the answer they seek is right there. “God, I’m so sad. You have to see the rest. You gotta wait for it. There was a reason why I didn’t lose to her, and I explain that,” she added.

Her rivalry against Maria Sharapova is one of the most highlighted in tennis history. Both the players came across each other a total of 22 times in which Williams managed to secure 20 massive wins. Sharapova managed to win only twice, and in total, secured 7 sets against Williams’ 41.

Set to stream on ESPN+ next month, the series “In the Arena: Serena Williams” is an eight-part documentary that will allow fans a deeper dive into Serena’s amazing career and her many achievements. The fact that Serena’s documentary is set to include the angle of her rivalry with Sharapova adds more intrigue to it.

It has been nearly two years since Serena Williams marked an end to her professional career. That was the last time when she played the role of a tennis player and as that ended, her rivalries ended too. After coming a long way with Maria Sharapova, things seemed to have chilled out as they both were recently spotted flaunting their outfits together.

The stars gathered around during the Paris Fashion Week. While Serena Williams carries a similarity with her rival Maria Sharapova about being in the world of fashion, they both came across each other and therefore embraced as if they matter. Soon after bumping into each other among the crowd, the former WTA pros were seen sharing a laugh and celebrations.

The two also met up at the Met Gala, along with Williams’ sister Venus. They might not have gotten along on the court but off of it, everyone is all smiles!

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