“She’s Destroying Everybody”: Simone Biles’ Comeback From Tokyo’s Twisties Has Gymnast Fred Richards Dancing With Joy

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Simone Biles ascended to the top, fell down, and is again trying to reclaim the pole. After winning four gold medals at the Rio Olympics, the hype and expectations around Biles reached its peak. Touted as the frontrunner to win at least four out of six medals in Tokyo, the world came crashing down for Simone Biles when in the middle of her events, Biles suddenly had difficulty performing a two-and-a-half turn in the air.

Biles tried to shrug it off initially but soon found out that it was serious. With no other options left, Biles had to withdraw from the games due to her ‘twisties’. While her road to redemption was tough, Simone Biles is staring down another Olympic takeover in gymnastics. And this time, she is looking as prepared as ever. Speaking on the same lines, US Olympics men’s prospect, Fred Richard, seems to be excited as well.

3x NCAA Champion Fred Richard is probably going to the Paris Olympics. As his D-day is inching closer, the tension and excitement seem to be mounting. However, it is not only his participation that Richard is concerned about. Saluting one of the finest players of the game, Simone Biles’ blazing form has left Fred Richard awestruck. The 20-year-old sat down in an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital where he poured his admiration for the US gymnastics queen.

Reflecting on Biles’ comeback, Richard stated, I’m really excited [to watch her in Paris]. She’s the most entertaining gymnast, by far, for so many reasons. He then continued to praise how Simone Biles has defied all the odds and once again, put her name right at the top. Richard said, The way she came back, most comebacks are good – hers is dominant, she’s destroying everybody. It’s motivating on my end. It’s fun to watch.

Surely enough, Simone Biles’ redemption started back in 2023. She made her return at the World Championships and clinched the gold right away. Biles then made her 2024 debut at the Core Hydration Classics and immediately stamped her authority over the others. She garnered 119.750 points while winning all four disciplines. Her latest outing at the US Championships saw Biles notch up her ninth national title, which is a record. Meanwhile, this is not the first time Fred Richard has spoken about Simone Biles.

Richards and Biles, the US’ two most decorated gymnasts till now, have an adorable bond. Their friendship dates back to the COVID-19 pandemic times when Richard decided to entertain his fans via TikTok videos. Soon, the plan succeeded and Fred Richard had a whopping 615,000 followers in his account. In one such video, he featured Simone Biles as the duo tried to imitate each other’s moves.

While Biles tried the flares, Richard was seen busy in mustering ‘Tour Jete’ and ‘Wolf Spin’. However, Biles once again proved to be the winner as Richard declared that her attempted handstand was “almost better than me.” Thus, with a mutual bond of respect and love, both Simone Biles and Fred Richard will look to make it big this time. And as for the audiences, they will surely appreciate and cheer for every bit of glory that these two can collect en route to Paris 2024.


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