‘Definitely Getting Better’: Tiger Woods’s Fans Given Renewed Hopes as Daring U.S. Open Move Surfaces

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Tiger Woods ignited hopes among fans during the 2024 Masters Tournament with his impeccable resilience through all four days. Shortly after, however, the 2024 PGA Championship rid the golf world of the ray of hope that they were holding onto, as the golfing great failed to meet the cut in the second major of the year. Preparations alongside other key talents and his son earlier this week suggested that the 15-time major winner has his intentions and eyes set straight on the prize.

However, his ever-evolving health status has cast a shadow of doubt among fans regarding his plans for success at the U.S. Open. Interestingly, however, Woods’s plans after the conclusion of Round 1 of the event seem to have reinstilled hopes among fans.

Moving away from his ongoing, deteriorating state post-rounds, GOAT seems to have decided to take a leap and practice a couple of swings before heading back and resting it out for the second round. This surprising update has left fans believing that Woods’s health is on an upward slope, with only goodness coming his way in the days to come.

When asked what he thinks he could do between Round 1 and Round 2 to make some adjustments, the 82-time PGA Tour winner said, “Well, I’m hoping I don’t get too tight in the car ride back, that maybe I can hit a few. I can get tight in air-conditioning. Get back there, there’s usually no point. I’d like to hit a few putts. My speed was not quite there. I think I 3-putted, what, two or three times today. If I clean that up, if I get a couple iron shots not as loose as I did, I’m right there at even par…I thought I did the one thing I needed to do today, which is drive the ball well. I did that, I just didn’t capitalize on any of it.”

Woods’s detailed plan and promising health status have led fans to believe that there might just be a bright day for this GOAT at the end of this tunnel of health struggles. There seemed to be a consensus among golf lovers at the “greatness” of this “very rare” moment in the trajectory of the present-day Woods. So how did the fans react?

Fans react to Tiger Woods’s very rare post-round display of health

An awestruck fan wrote, “He’s definitely getting better physically,” taking note of his increased persistence and capabilities on the greens. Another user was quick to point out the update as a “Good sign,” thus declaring the positives that may come with an upward curve of the golfer’s recovering health in his game in the coming days. After battling the wrath of his physical condition post-accident for years, it seems Mr. Woods is finally regaining his lost endurance. He started the 124th US Open with a score of 4 over. Woods’s capabilities of walking all four days was under question at the Masters but he defied those odds, and showed his resilience. He is giving a peak of it again at Pinehurst.

One of the netizens nostalgically wrote, “WOAH people might think this is an overreaction but the fact that he’s okay with swinging more after the round is a really good sign.” For someone who is regarded as the GOAT, all thanks to his 15 major titles, and 82 Tour wins, an update of practicing after a round should not be a big deal. But for loyal TW fans, it is. After all, it gives them a glimmer of hope that their favorite golfer is not ready to hang his clubs. After an unfortunate 2023 season, and not-so-great 2024 so far, this seems to be a huge thing. So far, Woods has had 1 WD, his worst major finish, and 1 missed cut in his past 3 professional appearances on the greens.

Even after, Woods demonstrated endurance post the opening round and gave fans a sigh of relief, they remained aware of his performance’s rough ends. Some of the fans even suggested Mr. T  work on his irons and continue evolving into a healthier and stronger version of himself. Therefore, a fan wrote, “Great news! Gotta work on those irons.”  More so, yet another fan, upon listening to Mr. Woods’s detailed plan to make full use of the time in between rounds, remarked, “He knows he needs to work.” After failing to make the cut at the PGA Championship, one could say that he knows his weak spots.

Therefore, the general air around the news of Tiger Woods’s increased endurance post-rounds saw a layer of happiness spread across the golf world. It remains to be seen whether this newfound positive update will translate into a fruitful end to the U.S. Open, or not.


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