Alexis Ohanian, Serena Williams’ spouse, chooses to skip a significant Reddit event in order to focus on his daughter’s spring break.

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Serena Williams‘s businessman husband Alexis Ohanian once again won his fans’ hearts by putting his family before everything else. From cooking pancakes of different interesting shapes for his daughter Olympia to organizing Taco Tuesdays, Alexis Ohanian is a perfect example of a devoted father. However, Ohanian even outdid himself by choosing his family over his work this time.

Now fans know that apart from being an investor in Angel City FC, Ohanian is also the co-founder of the social media platform, Reddit. However, this talented businessman seemed more interested in keeping his family happy than attending a big Reddit event.

This Reddit co-founder recently shared an exclusive detail with fans on his official X (formerly Twitter) profile. Ohanian wrote- “Everyone asking if I’m going to NY for the @reddit IPO — it’s my daughter’s Spring Break so I’ll be taking her and the girls on holiday.” Alexis Ohanian’s dedication to his family delighted fans’ hearts.

Alexis Ohanian started Reddit with his college roommate, Steve Huffman, after working hard in the background for eight years. Following Reddit’s IPO event, this company will publicly file for using Artificial Intelligence as one of their core technology for the business. With this, Reddit will be 2024’s first major experiment in a technology-driven startup business.

In a nutshell, this is an important event for Reddit, and Ohanian’s choice to prioritize his daughters over this showcases his dedication toward fatherhood.

Ohanian previously spoke about the importance of Artificial Intelligence being a major turning point in technology. His absence from Reddit’s IPO event represented that despite embracing the idea, he won’t compromise spending time with his daughters for anything.

Alexis Ohanian previously spoke about Artificial Intelligence being a real ‘significant technological shift’

Previously in an interview with Yahoo Finance at the Milken Global Conference last year, Ohanian delved deeper into his perceptions about Artificial Intelligence. Ohanian said– “There’s a ton of hype, for sure, but there is a real significant technological shift, I have not seen anything like this before in my career — it’s that big. This is bigger than the smartphone, bigger than broadband ubiquity, and certainly bigger than social media.

Ohanian continued, “As someone who lives in technology, who tries to stay on top of things, the first concession that one has to make is that none of us can actually stay on top of this, So many parts of work, in particular knowledge work, work in front of or on a computer, is going to get so much more efficient,”

Despite his interest, Alexis Ohanian’s choice to take his daughters on Spring Break vacation presented his amazing side as a genuine family guy, who is always there for his daughters and wife, Serena Williams.

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