Anthony Joshua claims that one uppercut “ruined the career” of a fierce rival.

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Before their ten-round match on Match 8, Anthony Joshua has threatened Francis Ngannou, saying he “breaks eye sockets” and has “ruined careers.”

After a strong but unsatisfactory performance against Tyson Fury in the last fight, the former UFC Champion has earned a shot against Joshua. He thinks the fight would end if he lands clean against Joshua.

“AJ” is reportedly treating the battle as seriously as he would any previous bout, even though he is aware of the dangers involved with a puncher like Ngannou. He does, however, fully support himself.

He emphasized to his supporters not to undervalue his power in an interview with Boxing News.

However, I believe that people undervalue me and assume that since I’m not that strong psychologically, they can just come and put pressure on me. Even with all of the excitement surrounding Ngannou, he still needs to pass through me. He is staring at a combative individual.

“Power punching is what I do myself. I break eyes out of people. I gave Helenius a spark out, I fractured Wallin’s nose and eye socket, and I f***ing ruined Dillian Whyte’s career with an uppercut. The list is endless.

“It will be an excellent fight because he has to deal with me.”

After a heated build-up, Joshua and Whyte squared up for the British Heavyweight title back in 2015. The Olympic Gold Medalist was swiftly lured into a brawl.

In the opening frame, “AJ” stunned Whyte with a left hook. He fired a shot after the bell, causing chaos and motivating Whyte to retaliate. Referee Howard Foster brought the two men’s teams under control once they entered the ring.

“The Bodysnatcher” attempted to change the tide in the second and had Joshua wobbling, but the future two-time world champion regained control and punished Whyte with strong blows in the seventh before, as previously said, sending him flat on his back with the fatal uppercut.

After that, Whyte amassed a run of eleven victories before Alexander Povetkin unseated him once more with a cunning left uppercut that had disastrous results. Two years later, Tyson Fury would halt him once more with an identical shot.

Prior to Whyte’s doping test failure last year, the British rivalry was about to heat up again. Since then, he has avoided the ring.

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