A dominant start to the Australian Open has earned Coco Gauff the title of matching Serena Williams in her strongest suit.

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The focus has been on Coco Gauff’s serve for a while now. Her coach Brad Gilbert was recently spotted teaching her how to rope in order to help her get better at serving. The legendary American tennis player Pam Shriver has now intervened, stating that Coco Guff’s serve is just as strong as Serena Williams’.

The serve of Serena Williams was once renowned. Her serve was considered to be among the greatest in women’s tennis at its height. Returning to the current American prodigy, Shriver finds it inspiring to see Coco Gauff’s squad work hard to hone her “big weapon.”

Coco Guff’s strength has always been her excellent court coverage and strong serve. Experts believe that with a little accuracy, she may make a big impact in the tennis world. Recently, Gilbert called in Andy Roddick to help Gauff sharpen her serve ahead of the Australian Open. Many people consider Roddick’s serves to be among the greatest in the history of the men’s game.

In a recent ESPN interview, Pam Shriver discussed how deadly Coco Gauff’s serve could be with a few minor adjustments. “I adore that they are continuously experimenting with the serve, which is such a powerful weapon. I think Coco Gauff can serve just as well as Serena Williams did.She can serve that well, in my opinion,” remarked Shriver.

The 61-year-old tennis legend from America is really upbeat about Gauff’s development. Coco Gauff recently began her Australian Open season. Can she win this tournament and secure her second major title?

Anna Karolina Schmiedlova of Slovakia lost to Coco Gauff 6-3,6-0. The 19-year-old completed the agreement at the Rod Laver Arena in less than an hour. She has advanced to the next round and will play her countrywoman Caroline Dolehide on Wednesday after this victory. In the match against the Slovak, Gauff was only able to strike three aces. However, her dominance in the second set demonstrates why many consider her to be among the favorites for the season’s first Grand Slam.

When it comes to serves, nobody can match Serena Williams’ flawless records using her deadly weapon. She was one of the greatest servers of all time because of her power, rhythm, concealment, and impeccable timing. She has the ability to consistently reach 125 mph. Over 4000 aces have been struck by Williams throughout her career. She had struck an incredible 13 aces in her US Open qualifying match in 2018.


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