Ring Magazine Awards 2023: Terence Crawford and His Trainer Brian McLntyre Win

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2023 was an exciting year for boxing. The audience had been waiting for what seemed like forever to witness battles that were still in the bargaining stage. A particularly noteworthy matchup featured Terence Crawford and Eroll Spence Jr. At the time, this brawl was the talk of the town, and properly so. Both fighters were unbeaten and superior to any other fighter in the welterweight class. Seemingly an inches game, the betting odds were tight. However, when it came to fight night, things did not pan out as predicted.

In the ninth round, “Bud” stopped him cold after outlasting him in every way. The victory cemented his status as an all-time great. It followed that he would eventually reap the rewards of his efforts. However, Brian McIntyre, his trainer, also receives recognition with him.

Renown, riches, and status. Bud possesses everything. The welterweight champion is both a record creator and breaker. He most recently took home the Performance of the Year honor from Ring Magazine in 2023. He didn’t compete last year. And it was convincing enough to complete the transaction. McIntyre, meanwhile, received praise for his roles in “Bud’s” success. “Terence Crawford has been announced as the winner of the 2023 Ring Magazine Performance of the Year award after stopping Errol Spence, and his coach Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntyre has been announced as the winner of the 2023 Ring Magazine Trainer of the Year award,” boxing reporter Michael Benson wrote on Twitter.

The aforementioned accomplishment attests to the boxers’ excellence. Despite being 36 years old, Crawford still seems to have a lot of fight still in him. In addition, his ambition seems to be growing constantly. But before he takes any new action, he must force history to repeat itself.

Crawford’s previous fight agreement had a rematch clause that any fighter may invoke if they so desired. Furthermore, Spence Jr. has triggered this clause and is ready to exact revenge for his heartbreaking loss. Crawford does not seem to be underestimating “The Truth,” despite his apparent confidence. It’s interesting to note that Spence underwent eye surgery and made hints about how his condition may have contributed to his defeat by Crawford.

However, “Bud” handled the new development in his battle with Spence with poise. “I done heard it all now @ErrolSpenceJr. It’s ok tho because overall I’m glad it’s over and done with,” he said on X. Good luck to you, ma’am brotha.


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