Before the fight, Francis Ngannou taunts Anthony Joshua with a punch resistance.

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Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou, who will shortly face each other, are already playing mind games. The former MMA star has made fun of the British fighter’s inability to land punches.

Ngannou’s second-ever boxing battle comes in a few weeks. It is slated to take place in Saudi Arabia in the early months of March, following his extremely successful debut in October against WBC champion and lineal fighter Tyson Fury.

He boxed well, avoided problems, and knocked down Fury in the third round of that battle. Since then, speculation regarding whether or not Fury is declining has abounded.

In contrast, Joshua had a successful year, winning three fights—two close calls and one on points during a 12-round span. Although both men are known for being heavy hitters, the 10-round match may not last as long as planned.

That is undoubtedly what Congolese-Frenchman Ngannou is alluding to in his interview with the MMA Hour. First, he addressed Eddie Hearn’s assertions that Anthony Joshua will make easy money from the fight—some believe it will bring in eight figures for both men.

“Eddie promotes people; it comes naturally to him. He always says the same thing about all of them. He acts in that manner. The deadline is set for two months from now, so it’s too bad for them if any of them believe it will be simple money.

Next, Ngannou made fun of Joshua’s supposedly weak jaw.

“I can’t promise AJ will get up if he gets the punch like Fury got. It has been reported that he lacks a chin. I’m going to investigate. I genuinely want to give him a loss.”

Nobody can question Ngannou’s toughness after facing Fury and Joshua in his first two boxing battles, that much is certain.

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