Bob Arum: Terence Crawford-Errol Spence 2 Will Do Nowhere Near The Same Numbers

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Terence Crawford put in the performance of 2023 – and perhaps beyond – to defeat Errol Spence Jr and become the undisputed welterweight champion. Now, the contractual rematch looms.

It was a long road to get to the fight, and something Crawford’s former promoter, Bob Arum, couldn’t make happen. Speaking to Fight Hub TV, the veteran discussed why he didn’t regret parting ways before it did.

“Terence Crawford is a great talent. He always said that through and he has proved it. The great question is can you match up his economic demands with his actual marketability? And we were not able to do that. We lost a lot of money promoting his fights. I wish him well, but my company isn’t prepared to take those risks.”

The 92-year-old then predicted that the rematch would not reach the heights of the first fight – reportedly 700,000 pay-per-view buys.

“Terence was extraordinarily good fighting Spence. It did very well economically, but again, if you ran it back and you had Terence fighting Spence again, I really don’t believe that it would do anything like the number that the first fight did.”

Finally, Arum said Crawford simply had the beating of Spence, and that won’t attract fans now that it was known.

“What people didn’t realise was you looked at Spence and you looked at his whole career. The one thing that was glaring was, with all of his great victories and all his fights, he had fought two, nothing southpaws.

So that should’ve indicated to everybody that Spence didn’t like fighting southpaws. Crawford and BoMac knew that. What did they do? They just fought him southpaw.”

A weight and date for the rematch is yet to be announced, but with PBC’s recent link up with Amazon Prime, that’s where it will land.

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