Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Crowned the Best by Fans Amid Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens Controversy

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The love stories in the sporting world are just a little extraordinary from the usual. The way Serena Williams‘ husband, Alexis Ohanian supported her while she took center stage shows his true dedication towards his wife. While in the gymnastics world, Simone Biles and her soccer star husband have also kept the bar high. But recently, Jonathan Owens’ comment on being a catch in the relationship with Biles stirred up a lot of controversies.

While there are a lot of debates and discussions going on regarding the controversy, several tennis fans took a different route and crowned the 40-year-old American entrepreneur as the best husband after the controversy. Let’s take a look at what the tennis fans have to say regarding keeping Ohanian over Owens as the best husband.

After getting married this year itself, Biles’ husband might have created a controversy regarding his stand in the marriage. During his recent appearance on the ‘The Pivot’ podcast, he made a remark about his partnership with Biles that went viral. As he regarded himself as the catch in the relationship, fans came out and showcased their choice.

While tennis fans were left scratching their heads, a lot of fans brought in Alexis Ohanian and talked about how he had just raised the standard of being a husband. A fan took to Twitter to highlight how Ohanian is different. She wrote, “Simone Biles’ husband needed to buy one of those coaching sessions with Serena Williams’ husband and ask him how to be a good husband to a GOAT athlete. Alexis Ohanian does it well.” 

After the Reddit co-founder was crowned with the good husband tag, a lot of other fans also shared their opinion on the same. A fan wrote, “Serena’s husband is the gold standard man. Simone deserves so much more.” 

While the other one talked about how Ohanian never fails to support his wife, “Alex stays his lane and supports his wife. He will never go on a show and disparage her.” 

Moreover, a fan took a sarcastic tone to put the 23-time Grand Slam champion’s husband on top. She wrote, “Serena husband is a somebody in his industry Simone husband is a nobody all around.” 

Another fan talked about how standing behind his wife is a sign of greatness. “Men need to learn to cherish their succesful wifes. There are some famous men because they are just perfectly taking care of their wife.”

In addition, another fan was not happy with how things turned out to be and detailed a clear comparison between the two. He stated, “Alexis is secure in himself and what he has to offer. So he doesn’t get intimidated by his wife’s light. Simone Biles’ husband is insecure and unhealed.” 

Nevertheless, it won’t be wrong to say that, apart from being a good businessman, he has earned the best husband tag. Well, earlier this year, Ohanian also talked about how he manages to balance his work and personal life to be on top of the game as a husband.

Williams’ husband talks about balancing his perfect life 

A few months ago, in an interview, Alexis Ohanian went deeper to explain the reality of how he managed to give time to his family even after having a successful name in the business world. He highlighted, “I don’t think it’s about work-life balance. I don’t think anyone can really accomplish that. It’s not about balancing.”

Along with that, he also mentioned that it’s not about having a work-life balance but staying for what’s right. While a lot of fans believe that he is the best husband, his efforts to keep his family and his support for his wife’s career at the top have always kept him in the loop.


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