“I’m Sleep Right Now”: Gervonta Davis Reminds Chris Colbert of His Recent Failure in a Cheeky Dig

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Chris Colbert, after a stinging defeat on December 16th, boldly called out Gervonta Davis, a titan in the 135-pound division. But in this realm, challenges are met with more than just gloves. Davis, known for his knockout prowess, chose to counter with something unexpected.

Not a jab or an uppercut, but a single Instagram story. The content, kept under wraps here, packs a punch in its own right. This digital parry by Davis adds a peculiar twist to the age-old tale of boxing bravado.

In a much-anticipated rematch, Colbert found himself on the receiving end of a crushing defeat. Jose Valenzuela, with a sweeping right hook, sent Colbert crashing onto the canvas, marking his first knockout loss. This moment of vulnerability, captured in a photograph, became the centerpiece of Gervonta Davis’ cunning response.

Davis, never one to shy away from a challenge, seized this opportunity. He posted the image of Colbert, defeated and prone, on his Instagram story. Accompanying this powerful visual was Davis’ cheeky caption, “I’ma have to call you back, I’m sleep right now.” This succinct yet impactful message masterfully blends mockery with a stark reminder of Colbert’s recent failure. Davis’s choice to respond in such a manner, which was then posted by Micahel Benson on Twitter, showcases not just his confidence but also his understanding of the psychological warfare that often accompanies physical battles in boxing.

This response, while lighthearted in tone, underscores a deeper narrative in the boxing world. It highlights the razor-thin line between victory and defeat, and how quickly fortunes can change in this unforgiving sport. Let’s now see what Davis’ trainer has said about his potential fight with Devin Haney.

Kenny Ellis, with unwavering confidence in Gervonta Davis a few days ago, made a bold declaration about the much-discussed potential fight between Davis and Devin Haney. Ellis, in his characteristically straightforward manner, stated emphatically, “You see, if he make to the 12th round, I’m done with boxing. If Tank don’t get him out of there, I’m done with boxing.”

This audacious bet reflects Ellis’s deep belief in Davis’s knockout power. Doubling down, he reiterated, “If Tank don’t get him (Devin Haney) out of there before the 12th round, I’m done with boxing. That’s how we coming, case closed.” Ellis’s words not only hype up the potential matchup but also underscore the high stakes and expectations surrounding Davis’s performance.

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