3 Details You Missed As Tiger Woods Makes It a Family Affair With Sam And Charlie at 2023 PNC Championship

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In the golfing jungle, the roar of Tiger Woods is known far and wide. Recognized for his strength and fierce gameplay, there is also another side to the iconic golfer, seen when he steps onto the greens with his two little cubs, Sam, and Charlie Woods. On Saturday, the 47-year-old athlete participated in the PNC Championship’s official first-round event in Florida with his son Charlie as his partner, and his daughter Sam Woods as his caddy.

The event, which pairs professional golfers with their family members, is a rare opportunity for fans to see Woods’ family on the course. Here are three details you might have missed as Tiger Woods made it a family affair with Sam and Charlie.

1. Charlie Woods wears Greyson clothing

One of the most noticeable details was Charlie Woods’s choice of clothing. Amid the Nike split rumors, the young golfer wore a zip/polo outfit from Greyson, a luxury golf apparel company founded by former Ralph Lauren designer Charlie Schaefer. It is not the first time, the junior Woods has worn Greyson’s outfit, he has worn it before. And, Tigеr Woods was seen wearing his signature Nikе brand.

2. Sam Woods being shushed by Charlie Woods

Another detail that you might have missed is when Charlie Woods shushed his sister while Tiger Woods was making a putt on the second hole. Sam Woods was seen chatting with Justin Thomas’ mom who was caddying for her son and husband, Mike Thomas.

The 14-year-old, who was focused on his father’s shot, turned around and gestured for them to be quiet so that Tiger Woods could focus on his shot. The shushing moment was caught on camera.

3. Like father, like son

Not only does Charlie Woods’s playing style match his father’s but there is another similarity between him and his father — his competitive spirit and frustration when things don’t go his way. Charlie Woods who displayed impressivе skills and shots in the tournament, was not satisfied with his putting. In a post-round interview, the young prodigy said, “I mean, I drove the ball really good today. Didn’t miss a fairway, and still managed to shoot 8-under. We just suck at putting.”

The 82x PGA Tour winner is known for his fiery temperament and expressive reactions on the course, said, That sums it up right there” while laughing. The event has become a unique experience for fans to get close to the Woods family and know more about them.

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